Abby has a great corporate comms career but fell out of love with what she was doing. She started a side hustle and on 2 occasions left to get her business pumping. Both failed and she was in debt. She worked with a sales coach and a mindset coach and the rest is history.
The Vivian Lou brand helps women wear heels for 4 times longer without pain. You will get an amazing and honest account of how Abby has achieved enormous success whilst living the lifestyle she loves.  

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Importance of having a safety net of a corporate wage at the start
  • Why you should focus on mindset to fuel growth
  • Why Facebook ads are still so important for e-commerce brands
  • How to run a multi-million dollar business with no employees
  • Why you should have multiple marketing providers
  • Why daily gratitude can help you
  • What you can achieve with your family from running your own business
  • Trusting your gut can speed up the decision-making process



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