8 Ways To Get More Revenue With Video

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55% of communication is body language, and we can only do that through video. So why not use it to boost your company’s revenue?

During this episode, Paul will show you how he overcame the fear of making videos, the eight ways you could use it for your sales, and the tools he uses to make the whole process a lot easier.


01:14 – These are all the excuses in the book to run from video

02:22 – How I overcame the fear of video

03:43 –  8 ways to get more revenue with video

03:45 – One story

04:22 – Cold outreach

05:15 – Sales follow-up

06:07 – Post‑purchase

07:47 – Membership renewals

08:19 – Case studies

09:25 – Video sales letter or sales page

10:04 – Demos

10:39 – Tools to help you get more revenue with videos

11:55 – Two key actions from today


What are some of the excuses that you’ve gone through or you’re going through in your mind when it comes to doing video?

  • I have a poor camera
  • It takes too long to set up the camera
  • I don’t like the sound of my voice
  • No one watches my videos
  • I prefer to talk to people than talk to a camera. 


How I overcame the fear of video

  • I got an acting coach (Pip Edwards)
  • I upgraded my camera from the standard in my Mac to a Logitech webcam. And now I escalate to a more professional camera.
  • I did a video engagement pod with Nina Froriep.
  • I did a video every day whether I launched it or not.


 8 ways to get more revenue with video

  1. One story: People buy from people. And the best way to get you across as a person and get people to like you and trust you, is through your story. So you can have a three to five minute video on your LinkedIn featured section, especially if you’re doing a lot of outreach on LinkedIn, and on the About section of your website.


  1. Cold outreach: Whether you’re using email or LinkedIn, I still think that an email in your sequence is a brilliant way to build that connection. Ask them if they would like to hear about your story. And then if they say yes, then send it. You do it once and then it’s repeatable by your team. So you don’t have to send it every time. It’s not a specific video to every person.


  1. Sales follow-up:  Once people start engaging with your story, you can take it a step further and customize your follow-up message by sharing some valuable content, because there’s nothing worse than someone saying I’m circling back or did you receive it?


  1. Post‑purchase: When someone buys from you, you get really excited, but the person that bought from you is probably less excited. They actually have a bit of post‑purchase remorse. It’s a very vulnerable time when someone just purchases a new product or service. Wouldn’t it be a great way to maximize this vulnerable position by sending a video re stating why you’re working with them, how you are going to work with them and what will happen next?


  1. Membership renewals: To increase the chance of a member renewing your service, send videos asking them for feedback along their journey. Don’t be one of those people that has a great membership and collects money, but doesn’t ask for that feedback. And when it’s near the end of the membership (one or two months before), send them a specific video to mention that the renewal is coming up and give them the chance to talk about it. Once they decide not to renew, it’s too late.


  1. Case studies: Get your case studies in video. I use a format I got from Taki Moore, and I adapted it slightly to get all the required information from my clients: Who is the person, what is the problem they have, what impact is that problem generating, what are the actions you need to take, what is the outcome and what are the lessons. You can use zoom to interview your customers to make it really easy. You can get my Case Study Framework at Paulhigginsmentoring.com/casestudy.


  1. Video sales letter or sales page: TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are becoming more popular, people don’t want to watch a 45 to 60 minutes video. They want the short version. Go and check out an example of that at Paulhigginsmentoring.com/asp. It’s a 10-12 minute summary of what I do, but you can also turn an FAQ’s section into a video.


  1. Demos: Seeing is believing. If you are a cloud partner, you can do a generic demo for the smaller clients, but you can also do this by target. If you’ve got target industries, you might need a couple of more specific demos, but they are still generic for that target industry.


Tools to help you get more revenue with videos

  • Book Like a Boss
  • Dubb
  • VideoAsk 
  • ScreenFlow 
  • CloudApp
  • Elgato 
  • Grain
  • ClipScribe 
  • Zoom


Two key actions from today

  1. Do video every day 
  2. Pick one of the eight and do it. And then send me an email showing me what you’ve done.




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