7 Ways To Get More Sales With Youtube

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Did you know that there are 2.3 billion active users on YouTube, 70% of internet users have their own account and it’s the second most popular search channel? So if you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel or focusing your attention on your existing one, this is the right time.

If you are already creating content, why not repurpose it for YouTube? During this solo show, Paul shares 7 powerful tips to make your YouTube strategy more effective so you can get more sales.


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So today's topic is seven ways to get more sales with YouTube. What you will learn is why YouTube, the seven ways, and also some channels you can look and learn from to start your journey. So most of us have got great content that we're putting out in the world. And most of that is normally on LinkedIn, right? I know I post three times a week on LinkedIn, I'm very consistent with that. I've been doing all of my podcasts, et cetera, on YouTube. But to be honest, I really want to double down on it, and I want you to double down as well. And that's why I'm going to share this with you.


The couple of key stats that really got me thinking hard about YouTube is there are 2.3 billion active users, that was on February 21, 70 9% of internet users have their own account. It's the second most popular social media channel. And I'm sure you've heard this one. It's the second most popular search channel as well. And every day, there are 1 billion hours watched on the platform and Buffer in an article said that 62% of businesses post content, right?


So if you are producing content, we'll talk about how to repurpose it in a moment. If you're producing it, why not get it on a platform like YouTube? About 70% of people are mobile and 90% of people say they discover brands or new products on YouTube. Okay. So I hope those stats, were defining as they were for me, but let's jump into how we can get you more sales with LinkedIn.


Number one is build videos around a single keyword or topic. So you can use tools like Keywordtool.io/youtube, and also Vidiq.com to get those. And all this will be in the show notes. Also, once you've chosen your keyword, check out the videos that are currently ranking for that topic to make sure you're on the right track in terms of intent. And don't forget to optimise your title and descriptions. So often you can look at keywords and see someone that's done a great video, right? And you can just do an adaptation of that, your spin on that and leverage off the traffic that you know is already there. So that's number one.


Number two is repurpose your content. I know this sounds probably dead obvious, but you know how-to videos are great and you've got so much content there already, but it's just buried in a way that it's not searchable, right? So take your best blogs, your client calls, obviously ask for permission first, but there's so many little gems that sit there, repurpose it. And also interviews. If you've done some interviews like for me, I might do an interview where a certain topic is on it and you know, the best is about a five minute version. I know some experts fluctuate between five and 10 minutes, but I think to start with just doing five and also you might've been on an event, et cetera. And some of the best YouTube videos that are watched, aren't the latest. They've been around for some time. So it doesn't mean the content has to be recorded right now. Okay. So that's number two, repurposing your content.


Number three is engage with users and subscribe. I know that sounds obvious, but we do it on other platforms, but we tend not to do it on YouTube. And I must admit I'm guilty of this. So it is still a social channel. So reply to likes and comments, no different like you would on other channels and also welcoming subscribers as well.


Number four is great design. All right. And once again, this might be obvious, but I know myself at the moment, we are completely redoing our channel to make it pop a lot more. And like your cover artwork, your custom thumbnails, people will forgive you for a video that's recorded on an iPhone or on an Android these days, you know, that's okay. But really what makes the difference is having good design and not just the raw video. And there's lots of video editors. If you want access to one, just send me an email and we can give you a list of them.


Number five is the format. It's pretty simple. Like if you watch, they've all got a similar format, no different to what we teach with LinkedIn and LinkedIn posts, just make sure you always have a hook at the start of every video. Think of it as like what the TV stations do to you. What the problem is and what the solution will be coming up, right. To really grab people in that first minute is so important. And also link one video to the next. So there's a theme. You might do a series. So you're getting people to spend more time on your channel, which is going to help with the algorithm.


But before I continue, I'd like to talk to you about Leadjet.io. Ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually lift it into your sales CRM. Ever sent someone a message on LinkedIn and had to copy and paste it in the sales CRM. If it's not you, it's still your team. And if it's your team, it's still costing them time. No more. You can use Leadjet.io, and it basically automates all these activities for you. And it works across major sales CRM platforms, including Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and they're constantly adding them. But why not check it out for yourself? Just go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/leadjet.


Number five is promote your channel. It's obvious, but once you've done all the hard work through the first four, let's promote it. So add it to your social profiles, add it to your email signature, add it to your list signature, and also promote it on your LinkedIn posts. So you can also now on LinkedIn share direct YouTube videos. So do that. And if you want to know more about how to maximise posts on LinkedIn, just go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/SM.


Number six is subscribers. So the key thing is to first get to a hundred subscribers, right? And here, we're consultants, we're not trying to get millions and it's not going to be our core way that we're going to earn income right off YouTube ads, et cetera. That's not going to be. But what we can do is make sure that we've got our own description, et cetera, by at least getting to a hundred on our list. And if you want to get the scripts that we've used, just email me at [email protected] for that. A call to action in the content. So make sure you've always got that. You might do a great bit of content, so you can find more at whatever and value add for people who subscribe. Okay. So, that's, once again, something that you're helping with that socialisation, because it is a social network.


Number seven is consistency. It works far better to do it at the same time each week and maybe do it once a week then to do it multiple times at different times, and then go weeks without. It's like podcasting for me and I never miss a beat. I always make sure I had my interview and my solo show out each week. Right. And that's what really works, works from the algorithm point of view, YouTube. But it also works with people that are expecting your content. And start small, right. Commit to a small moment and then build from there.


So we've covered seven of these great ways. Now you can get the links and the notes in the show notes. So you can do that, but I just want to give you a couple of bonuses before you leave. One is make sure that you complete and have an informative About section with a video. The second is up-to-date contact information so that your potential customers and future brand partners can get in touch with you. I see this so often and also on LinkedIn where people just don't have their correct details, right? So you're making it harder, you're creating friction. Also creates some great custom playlist as well. Okay.


As I promised some channels to follow. Now, some of those names I won't spell out, but you can go and get these in the show notes. So Marc Wayshak, Bill Cates, not Gates with a C Cates, Antoine Dupont, Evan Carmichael, LeadIQ, Dan Lok and Tom Breeze. Everyone said, Tom is more from a sales content point of view, but Tom is brilliant at YouTube. So big shout out to you, Tom. So don't forget to go to Paul Higgins mentoring on YouTube and, the least you can do for listening and getting this valuable content is subscribed, right? I'll continue to add out post and great content on there, but just go and subscribe.

Three key actions from today. One, do your research, right? Get the keyword right? and look at other channels, et cetera. Second, start and be consistent. And the third one is please subscribe to Paul Higgins Mentoring for great sales tips, as I said. You can get all the links in the show notes. As I've said at Paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode number 334 on the app you're listening to now. I recommend the Pocketcast app. Please follow me on LinkedIn, where I put a lot of other great content out. If you know someone interested in getting more sales through YouTube, please share it with them. They'll love you. And you can be their sales hero. Please take action to accelerate your sales.




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