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Give today’s topic, thanks to Zuber is : Seven Tools for a Service-Based Business.

He’s got one and wanted to know what I recommend.
So what I’m going to go through is three key things that you’ll learn.

  1. The tools I recommend
  2. Why.
  3. How you can find out more without doing all the work, in particular, solves some of your challenges.

So some people collect, watches, other people collect stamps, whatever you’re into collecting. I collect apps, software technology, anything that can help me be more effective. I really love that stuff. And I was lucky enough to work for Coca Cola for 18 years and they are really the forefront of technology. And when I left, I set up my own tech consulting agency with a really good friend, Scott Gellately. So we were partners. We ended up having a successful exit of that business, but I loved it. And I’ve sort of carried on that passion. And I get some of my information from AppSummo, which I recommend Product Hunt.

There’s G2 Crowd, there’s our whole heap, but what I’ve done is filter them all to make it easy for you. And what I’m going to do is just lay out my core tech stack first, because you’ve probably heard those podcasts where you go, Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Yes. That’s pretty obvious. Right? So I’ll do that, but then I’ll give you seven that you may not have heard before. And they’re really great. I use them all the time and I hope you can squeeze them into your tech stack or your bundle.


So the core is I use:

Asana for project management, Google for everything basically, Google Clouds, Suite, Zoom obviously for video conferencing, I use Slack for running some of my memberships. I use Zero as my accounting software, I use Air Table, which is brilliant for all my knowledge base. And we’re starting to really pimp that up, I use LinkedIn, obviously, especially the mobile app, Active Campaign. And that’s about it for my core stack. So what I’ll do now is go through seven that you might not have heard of, but I highly recommend.


Number One

So the first one, and I’ll mention the categories and also the tool, right? Because this is just my recommendation. Not saying it’s the best, but it’s what after dedicating most of my business career to learning this stuff is what I’ve come up with and working with, you know hundreds and hundreds of service-based owners. So from tool number one is sales CRM, Copper CRM. I think it’s brilliant. It best integrates with G Suite. That’s the absolute biggest plus that it’s got better than anything else I’ve used. And we used to sell them, right? So I’ve used everything, HubSpot, PipeDrive, you name it. But I do think for a business that’s run on Google cloud or G Suite couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


Number Two

Number two is a scheduler, right? We all need them these days. We’re busy. It’s no use you doing it, or your VA doing it. So I love Book Like a Boss. It’s got a really great UX experience and it’s really easy to use.


Number Three

Tool number three is a screen capture, right? So we’re always cutting and pasting stuff. We all do it. I use Cloud App, It’s easy to drag and drop it’s free, you can do video and capture as well. So I really love that one.


Number Four

Tool number four is one that I mention in every podcast. So if you’re a regular listener, try to think what it could be. Okay. Now it’s a podcast app. So it’s Pocket Casts, what I love is, you know, you can still learn from mentors, that’s what I do, I’ve hardly ever met my mentors, but I listen to a whole list of people. But what it does is it allows you to cue the playlist. It’s got a great desktop feature where you can drop other MP3s in to create quick audio that you want to listen to. So your own version of podcasts, and you can also, fast forward, the front, the back. So I love that. Like Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, those guys have brilliant podcasts, but there’s just too much stuff at the start and at the end. So I can fast forward that on a regular basis.

And before we go into the other three tools. Do You Have a Sales Machine To Deliver You One To Three High Paying Clients a Month? If you don’t I highly recommend my Pulse Check, go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/pulse. And there’ll be nine questions, three minutes at the end. If you’ve absolutely smashed it, then I’ll invite you to be a guest on the podcast. And if there’s gaps that you can see, what we’ll do is jump on a call and I’ll give you a specific plan, not a sales call, a call to give you a specific plan. So that’s paulhigginsmentoring.com/pulse. So we’ve already done four so far. So just a quick recap of those. It was copper CRM, Book Like a Boss, Cloud App, Pocket Cast, and they were the first four.


Number Five

So the next three is a messaging app. So I absolutely love this. There’s good ones out there, WhatsApp, etcetera. But I love Voxer asynchronous communication. It’s great when I’m working with my group accelerate clients where they can leave me a message. I can see it at three times speed, but the great thing is they can just talk it through, right? There’s no back and forth. They just say the whole thing then when I’m ready and I’ve got some facts and I’ve actually thought through my question, then I can reply. Ari Mizel is a master at this. That’s who I learned it from. And also I think Taki Moore uses it, but it’s great.


Number Six

Tool number six is note taking and it’s not remarkable that Gar recommends on his remarkable podcast, which is a great one. Or it’s current member Notion, or Ever Note. No, I like the old hybrid method where you write by hand and then you can digitize it and Rocket Book‘s great because you know, you can just get a wet cloth and wipe off your pages. So no more paper lying everywhere, but you can also digitize it, send it to people. Fantastic.


Number Seven

Okay. Last but not least is a platform that I don’t really know what part, what category to put it in. So I’ll just say platform, but it’s called 10X pro, and John Lint is the founder. He’s working with a mentor of mine, James Schramko. And it’s fantastic. It sort of combines all your web staff plus a learning management platform, plus a membership site all into one. So you don’t need all those things bundled or aren’t bundled together separately, like Click Funnels or Carter or Kajabi, etcetera. It’s all in one. So a great platform, highly recommend it.


So key actions from today.

  1. Just try one of those tools. Okay. See which one resonates best for you.
  2. I don’t want you to go researching tools, right? That’s not the best use of your time. It’s good for me because A. It’s a hobby, but B. I actually help clients with it. So why don’t you just challenge me, send me something that you cannot find a piece of software, an app to solve for. And I promise you I’ll get it. I’ve got hundreds categorized in Air Table and I would be very surprised if I can’t.

You can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 294 on the app you’re listening to now, as I said before, I recommend trying the Pocket Casts app. listen, episode 0.5. If you’re new, if you want to know more about having a sales machine to get one to three high paying clients, go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/pulse. It’s also on my home screen or homepage, please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. That’s where I give some of my best content, including these podcasts. If you know someone interested in tools, please share it with them.

Remember to ask those follow-up questions like Zuber did, and please take action to Build Live and Give.





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