7 Must Do Sales Habits

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

You’ll learn: What are the 7 sales habits you can’t miss and how you can implement them.

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I was inspired to launch this podcast or the topic by listening to Ari Meisel podcasts. He's a great guy and I listened to his podcasts. He's decided to end the show and it was 499 if you want to have a listen to any interviews. And an amazing author called James Clear, he's even better than that. I think he's a New York best times seller, etcetera, but he's got a book called Atomic Habits and we highly recommend you listening or reading it if you haven't already. So today's topic is 7 must do sales habits. Because I thought if he's talking about overall habits, I can apply some of this to the habits that are learnt over the years. So you'll learn what they are and also how I apply them. And as I mentioned, I'm a huge fan of James and I thought, well, let's elaborate right on that. And I've had a very lucky career. I've had 28 years in sales. Some of those, former within Coca-Cola and just had amazing training there. And then a lot of them become unconsciously competent.


And then also I've had learnings, not just from my own businesses that have scaled and exited, but also mentoring other people. And I really want to compile all those learnings here for you, and not to forget all the podcasts I've listened to as well. So if you're a consultant, and don't have the training or experience I have, what I want to do is fast track it for you in under 10 minutes. So let's kick off.


Habit number one. Daily pipeline progress. So go through all your active leads and deals because you have got a sales CRM. Yup. Nodding. I hope so. And look at how you can add value rather than the boring follow up messages. What are some examples? So introduce them to a network connection, send them a video on a specific pain point that you know about, not a generic one. And please don't just do the old circling back on following up, they already know that right? Because that's the reason they can see prior emails make it useful, please. So daily pipeline progress.


Habit two is post-call email. So at the end of a great sales call, the work really isn't done. It's time to send a brief summary email. And that might sound a bit old school, but you can do it on other social platforms if you're using those as well. But some of the things I like to include is immediate value, right? So once again, related to their pain point. Then I like to use this formula, and change it a little bit. This is what it is, it's basically a problem checking. So you really want to achieve this goal, but there are obstacles in the way of that, right? So it's just taking the exact words that they talked about. You need a way to get this result. So spell it out more and you tried this action, but you failed in this. Why? And then I just asked them, is this summarised the actions from the call? Then the other thing I always like to do, if I haven't already booked a call, I like to add a scheduling and I'll talk a little bit more about how are you schedules in a moment. So we've gone through one daily pop in progress. Two is post-call email and three was pre-call prep.


So let's move on to number four, which is partners. How many times have you spoken to someone about being a partner? I.e. you're either sharing IP or you're sharing clients, etcetera, to increase each other's business. And sometimes it's nothing more than you don't have a habit of checking in with them. Right? So often I've had really rich conversations and they haven't gone anywhere and it's no fault of each other. It's just that we don't have a regular routine to do that. So add to the pipeline stage, just the partners, which I check in as per habit, one that I spoke of before. And I also schedule regular meetings with them. So one of my key partners at that moment, the difference between having a meeting once a week versus saying, we'll catch up, has made an enormous difference. And if you'd like to find out more about how to get one to many partners, because I do think it's one of the best ways of growing your consulting practise, please reach out to me.


But before I continue, I'd like to talk to you about Leadjet.io. Ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put the information in your sales CRM. It's a pain, right? Ever send someone a message on LinkedIn and I had to copy and paste it in your sales CRM. And you don't know if your VA's done it, you've done. It all gets confusing. Now with Leadjet.io all of these activities are automatically generated in most of the popular sales CRM including Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, etcetera. So why not check it out for yourself, go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/leadjet.


So we've covered four now. Habit five: existing client value. I know this sounds obvious, but how often do we get caught up in everything? And we actually really forget to check in with that client all the time and have they done it from a consulting perspective? Have they done the things that you agreed to in the meeting? We are great and very eager to get a result, but sometimes life just gets in the way, right? And what we recommend is, if you do this habit, the better results you get for the client, then there's more chance of getting referrals, right? And let's face it. You know, 90% of most of our work comes from, sorry from our clients come from referrals.


Habit number six: sales swipe file. Have you ever read an email and thought it is sensational, like it even got you to take some action or you've read a sales message that was sent to you. Right. And let's face it, it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, why not grab it so that not you can do word for word, but you can adapt it to use in messages that you're sending. Okay. And I capture all of these into a sales swipe file. It's all in the air table and I've got the last camp was a couple of hundred in there and they're all categorised, so they're easy to find, etcetera. I highly recommend you doing a similar thing. You know, you've heard about it for web copy. Why not do it for sales messages.


And last but not least, and maybe a little unpopular, but it's update yourself. Paul, that's so painful. I know, but believe me. I picked up this habit from working at Coca-Cola and you know, just the power of having accurate CRM information is definitely one that it stuck with me. And the good news is you don't have to do it yourself. For example, I use myself a VA, JC who's brilliant, so shout out to JC. And he does most of it for me and I just create simple templates in my project management software, like Asana. So if I've got a particular lead, I just press send lead because I use text replacement in my software and it automatically brings up and I just fill it in, send it to him. It takes hardly any time at all. Or I just vox it sometimes to him just via voice. And when we used to sell Copper sales CRM, it was amazing. They did a report and they said about 20% of sales is miss report follow-up right. So if you just have the right information in there, it's critical. And also, you know, we want human to human connections, but so it's so great to say how is, you know, you mentioned their family or these key things that you can have in there. And so often I've seen people that dismiss tag people, don't tag people, you know, there's great opportunities.


So what are the three key actions from today? One is to implement one of these habits, right? There's nothing better than learning and applying. So please do that and also reach out if you want to learn more about partners or the scripts or anything else that I've mentioned. 


You can get all the links in the show notes at Paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast. It's episode 320 on the app you're listening to now. I recommend the PocketCasts app, not because they're a sponsor just because I think it's a great app. And to be honest, I'm on an iPhone and don't really like the apple one. You cringe. No, it's true. Please follow me on LinkedIn. That's where I'll put out a lot of great content. If you know someone interested in accelerating their sales through creating these great habits, please share it with them. Be a sales hero. Okay. They will love you and share that information. Finally, please take action to accelerate your sales.




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