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So today’s topic is: Five Ways To Gain Time

You’ll learn the five ways on how you can get help, and also why accountability is so important. So I don’t need to lecture you on how important time is. I think Warren Buffet said “it’s the greatest asset that any person has.”

You’ve heard so many people talk about it. I don’t want to be a broken record and repeat that. But what I do want to do is give you some practical tips in this short episode. Cause I constantly help people build their Sales Machine. And then, what the next thing is, they get too much work and then their delivery becomes an issue. Now, if you’re changing your business model, sometimes you can’t change your business model quick enough.

So what are some quick wins to save you some time? So I’m going to go through five key things. Remember that the links and also the show notes will be there for you but if you want to take notes, please do.


1. It’s to get out of emails, right?

I’ve had my executive assistant start doing my emails when I was in corporate. I’d have to say, I don’t know, might’ve been 99. Yeah. 1999. Okay. I’m a bit older than some of you that may be listening, but that was my first attempt. I’ve done it all the way through when I left corporate, I’ve trained hundreds and I mean hundreds of VAs for me and my company when I had my outsourcing not to do emails and,why it was so important to me is I did this course with, Franklin Covey and it was called the Five Choices. And it really talked about how you could be productive, how to use it was a combination of neuroscience and some of Covey’s techniques. And you can go and watch it on a YouTube just type in five choices. I think it was for Extraordinary. I kind of remember, but you’ll find it right. And the number one distraction that I said was email right.

Now it’s social media. That’s even, but it’s all that instant gratification. You constantly go in an email for one reason, you come out a half an hour later, right? I’m sure you do it and you’d be lying to yourself if you don’t. For me, I spend 10 minutes a day on email and if I’m lying, maybe 15. Okay. But what I do is I have a person on my team. Chi, and she basically triages every email, the stuff that I’ve got to do, she either puts it in A PH To Read, which is not urgent. Then the other places she puts it in my Asana. So it’s a task. So I don’t have to read all the other stuff that’s in the email. I don’t have to be distracted. I go in there once a day to get those or she does it for me.

Absolutely brilliant. And everyone goes: ‘’Oh, it must be difficult. I’m unique’’ No. All right, I’m calling BS. Get rid of you in your inbox. It’s going to save you a huge amount of time.


2. The next one is the same with LinkedIn messages.

It’s so confusing. Sometimes you’ve got to archive this, what’s unread and what’s not. Once again, get someone to triage all your LinkedIn messages. Right. And it depends what your favorite platform is. I use LinkedIn for B2B work scrape. It might be something else, Facebook, whatever, get them to triage all of that. Put it in your sales CRM, do all that work for you. It’s going to save you a huge amount of time. So emails, LinkedIn messages.


3. It’s get out of developing. Well, I call them SOP: Standard Operating Procedures.

Yes. There’s gotta be some part of what you can do, but you can get someone to do most of it. Right. And it’s better to iterate as you go. They spend a huge amount of time setting up perfectly at the start. Number one is you’ll never get it right the first time out. And number two is it’s you setting it up, not the person that’s actually doing it. So just record a video. I use that all the time and tell them what I want. They come back to you and manage it is like a project right, where they don’t do a lot of work. They do maybe two days of work, a day’s worth of work. Then they give it back to you for review. So manage it that way.

Before we go through the other two, I’d like to talk to you about DUBB. It’s an all in one sales and marketing video platform that helps you to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I use it this week to do a welcome call for a new client. So I had a group of people coming in and I basically went through what they were going to go through in their first meeting beforehand. And it made all of us a lot more comfortable in that first meeting. So why not check the platform out yourself, just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb.

Okay. So, so far we’ve covered emails, LinkedIn messages, SOP’s. I’m hoping I’m getting a nod from you guys saying, okay. Yes, I spend too much time there. It’s an easy way to save it before you change your whole business model or do other things.


4. Get out of writing content, right?

I must admit when I look at my calendar, my Toggl. That’s how I track my time. In 30 minute blocks. I’m writing lots and lots of content. Most of it’s from the LinkedIn posting. I post three times a week. Get someone else to do that for you. Once again, even if you just have some bullet points, record a video of this is what I’d like to say. They write it for you. They create the draft, you quickly review it. Okay. And don’t be so precious that it’s gotta be exactly how you would write it. But I think, it’s not just there.

It’s like recently, I got a guy called Jules. Thanks Jules, he did an email sequence. We also did a reactivation sequence where he wrote that. And also he wrote the webinar follow up sequence as well. I really don’t enjoy that stuff. So it was great to get someone in to help. And if you want some people, like Jules or others that I’ve used, I’ve got quite a few that I can give you access to.


5. So the last one is get into, so get out was the first four. This is get into, get into online activity.

Stop the face-to-face calls. Okay. I have to do it because I’m still immune suppressed. And when I had all my transplant and everything, I had to only do online, but clients invest significant amounts of money with me and they’ve never met me in person. I’ve had team members that work with me for three years. I’ve never met in person, so where you can cut all of that travel time out.

I know for some of you, it’s very easy, especially if you’ve got a local business, but I really recommend that.


So quick summary, we’ve got

  1. Get out of emails
  2. Get out of LinkedIn messages.
  3. Get out of developing your SOP.
  4. Get out of writing content
  5. Just to mix it up is to get into online activities.

Only let zoom be your best friend.


So three key actions from today:

One is pick one and do it right. You don’t have to do all five, just pick one and do it.
Contact me. If you need some help with getting some resources to support you.
Get an accountability partner, tell someone else what you’re going to do and get them to hold you accountable to that.

You can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode 282 on the app.

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