5 Reasons To Build Your Own Leads As A Cloud Partner

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After years of working along with Copper, a sales CRM platform, Paul shares his experience on lead generation as a cloud partner.

The more valuable lesson: Create your own leads. During this 10 minute episode, he lists 5 reasons why you should take a shortcut and simply learn from his experience and where you can get help if you’re not building those leads quickly enough.



01:05 – What is my experience with Cloud Partners

02:15 – Not all leads are created equal

03:30 – Strategy change

04:42 – Niche down

07:00 – Strategic referral partners

08:33 – Multiple platforms

09:03 – Two key actions


My experience with cloud partners

I’m going to use my experience as a partner and share some learnings. We were a cloud partner for Copper Sales CRM, which integrates nicely with Google. I still use it today because I think it’s a fantastic product. We were fortunate to sell the business in 2019, but I know the learnings are still new and commonplace. And  I know that because I also mentor many other cloud partners, and what I’ve learnt from them very much aligns with my own experience.


5 reasons to build your own leads as a Cloud Partner 


  1. Not all leads are created equal: In the beginning, we wanted to get as many leads from Copper as possible. We’re probably getting about a hundred a month, and it was driven by their ad spend, which was fantastic. But the unfortunate thing was many were unqualified, and also many were very small. There was a lot of time and effort put into sales when you could get really good leads from referrals. We ended up automating the process. We didn’t stop taking leads from the vendor, Copper, but in this case, the automation helped us get better, more qualified leads. So when I say not all leads are created equal, I mean you need to have your own form of lead generation because of that.


  1. Strategy change: At some point, Copper changed their strategy from small and medium businesses to enterprises and decided to implement a content strategy. What happened? Our leads stop overnight. And we didn’t have a plan B, so it cost us a lot of time and money to pivot. Thanks to that, we learned to create our own leads. Whether it is venture capital pressure over the cloud company or any other changes in any platform, you really should protect yourself against that by having your own leads.


  1. Niche down: We use the leads from the cloud partner to build a relationship with the client to solve problems for them over time, including consulting, training and support. We couldn’t rely upon the affiliate revenue or the commission from selling licenses. However, managing this across multiple verticals became really complex. But when we decided to control our own leads, we could focus on a niche, making it channel-specific. How did we do it? We looked across our source of deals to find patterns, who were getting the best results, and the longest customer lifetime value. The answer: Agency owners. So we’re able to streamline our marketing, our sales and our delivery to do that.


  1. Strategic referral partners: Cloud vendors usually send you single leads, and there are also high sales conversion costs. But If you find your own strategic referral partners, they can bring you many clients. Once you build a relationship with one person, you have access to their audience so that they can get multiple people at once.


  1. Multiple platforms: Acquiring your own clients can increase the opportunity to have more than one platform. You can study and find different opportunities and patterns and find leads from different sources. That’s not always going to be the case If you’re getting leads from one vendor and one vendor alone.


Two key actions

  1. Analyze your source of leads and see what you’d like to double down.
  2. If you want some help from me, go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/asp to find out how I can help you more.




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