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So today's topic is: Accelerate Sales System. You'll learn: 

  • Why have a genius model 
  • The three C's and 
  • Where to find out more. 


So a genius model is something that I have been using for the last sort of six months. And it's a process of taking all your IP and putting it into a simple framework where people can understand. So one great example is Taki Moore, and he's from More Clients and his is: attract, convert, deliver. He's got nine sub elements and apart from making it easy for people to understand what you do, why else would you have a genius model? So let me help you. Have you ever gone to an expert or had a call with an expert and they tell you that they will completely customise everything for your needs. Okay. That's great. And it sounds really good in theory, but do you really know what you're getting out of the program? And as they say, I confuse by: -never buys. And I had this experience so many times happened to me and I didn't realise I was doing the same thing for others.


You know, I used to sell based on my 27 years of experience, you know, 18 years working as a senior executive at Coca Cola, 10 running my own business with a successful exit and mentoring over 500 clients, consulting clients. But what does that really mean? You know, that's great, but what is someone going to get from a result of that? You know, it's like telling someone all the ingredients to the cake, but ultimately they just want to eat the cake, right? They want the result, but they do also want to know what components they'll be left with. Right? So another reason to have a genius model is to set up all the structure of your content and also your sales funnel. So it all flows. And I always said, the genius model you set up, right? And then everything else flows. So an example is a lead magnet, so you can go to paulhigginsmentoring.com and you can see that there's nine questions you can answer in three minutes, but it's based on the genius model. So if you want to check that out, please do.


Another is a masterclass or a webinar. So I'll show you where you can see mine later, but it really brings it all together and ties it together. Also, if you're on a podcast, it's great. Cause you can use that to give people tangible actions. And what about LinkedIn? If you post on LinkedIn, it's a great way of structuring your content. So I post three times a week and then I use the three C's is a way of doing it.


So before I continue and explain my genius model, which is called the accelerate sales system. So it gives you a really tangible example. I like to talk to you about leadjet.io Ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put the information in your sales CRM? Yep, painful. Ever sent someone a message on LinkedIn and had to copy and paste it in your sales, CRM, more painful. And look, you might be doing this yourself. You might like may have a team member that does it, but it's still an opportunity cost of time. So no more with leadjet.io. It does both of these activities automatically for you on most of the major CRM platforms, Copper, PipeDrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, etcetera. And they're continually adding. But why not just check it out for yourself, go to buildlivegive.com/leadjet today.


So let me take you through my accelerate sales system to get you concrete or to give you, I should say a concrete example. So I have three C's: 

  • Connect
  • Convert
  • Collaborate.

So you can take notes here, but I will show you a landing page or tell you about a landing page. I should say at the end that you can see all of this. Cause this is once again, audio only in the middle, there is Build Live, Give and scale. So ultimately what I want to do is help you build a great business, live a good life and give back. And by doing that, you're scaling it through these three C's. So let me break the three C's down a little bit more in detail:


So the first C is connect and it's all about building relationships. Ultimately we all run people based businesses. If you're a consultant running a consulting business, yes, you might do a lot of technical things, but ultimately it's human to human connections, right? You're selling to other human beings. So you want to connect first. So the first one is fill the funnel, which covers making sure you've got the right ideal client. You've got the right assets to attract people to you. And most importantly, you're building your list. The next is to build authority and you can do that through three key ways, organic social, and what I'm doing now that you're listening to is podcasts. You know, normally I recommend guest podcasting, it is a great place to start. And then the third part under connect is warm prospects. And ultimately we do this for most consultants through LinkedIn. So it's about your: profile, you're posting and then also outreach. Okay. So that's the three components under connect.


The next is convert. So you've got the relationship. Now you want to convert i.e Convert the result for your clients. So I've got the scale sales through your genius. Well, sorry. You want to scale sales, right? So you added the sales equation as much as possible, right? So my podcast here is an example of that. So first you want to have your genius model, which I'm talking to you about today. Then you want to use that in webinars and you can do live and also on demand and also have a discovery process right? So you can actually get people to self assess against your genius model so that they're selling themselves into something you're not doing the heavy lifting, then high conversion, so that really talks about calls. So triage and strategy calls follow up, which is essential and also case studies. And then the last part in the convert is building your team. So first, you know, you want to get someone as an admin. I always say that every consultant business should own a computer, a phone and a VA. And I don't mean own a VA, but have a VA. So you want to get that right first, but then you want to use certain tools and automation to make their job a lot easier. And then so, you know, we've basically covered those three sections in convert.


And last but not least is collaborate, right? So you know what you're selling, you know who you're selling to and you have an offer that converts, which is great, but why not make it easier for yourself by selling to one partner who can then give you a stream of clients? I don't know how much time I've wasted on selling to individual people on LinkedIn, where I could have just gone to a partner and made that a lot easier. So there's partners and the partners, right? So the first thing is to pick your right partner. So under that we have, you've got to qualify them. You've got to rank them. And then you research and we've got a specific framework we use to research. The next one is a partner win, so that's around having a good project plan, a scorecard and evaluation. And that's really about a lot of partnerships that sound great, but they don't get traction. They're lost in the first conversation. So make sure that you've got a partner win, an immediate win for both parties to do. And then finally a stream of clients. That's ultimately what you want. So we want a calendar, which you actually have for dedicated events or permanent events. And you also want to review it on an ongoing basis. So, and the most important part there is you also want buy-in right? So you want buy-in because there's multiple stakeholders involved. So these are all the tangible assets. If you think that a client will get during our 12 sessions that we work together, right? So they get the three C's, the nine elements around it.


So I'd love for you to go and check it out in more detail. So you can go and see the buildlivegive.com/accelerate. So it's both a picture. I've also got more information on how it works. I've got how it would apply to you. I've got a little video where I go through it, and I'll also give you some results that other clients have achieved from going through the process.


So if you're running a consulting business and want to predict the amount of clients to achieve your next 1 million in annual recurring revenue, go check out the page. So once again, it's buildlivegive.com/accelerate. So three key actions from today. 

  1. Develop your genius model. If you don't have one already, and some people call it a methodology, I like Taki, and I borrowed that from you, Taki, is the genius model.
  2. Go to buildlivegive.com/accelerate to see mine, to help you.
  3. Send me a draft, just send me a draft at [email protected] And I'll give you some feedback on it because I've spent a lot of time, not just doing my own, but also helping my clients do this as well.


You can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode number 304 or on the app. You're listening to now. I recommend the Pocket Casts App. Listen to episode 0.5. If you are new, it gives you a great overview. Please connect and follow me on LinkedIn, where I give some amazing content. If you know someone interested in creating their genius model to make it easier for people to buy from them, please share this with them and they will love you for it as always, please take action to Build Live and Give




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