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Hello to the Build Live, Give solo podcast episode number 300. I thought I’d never say that, if it’s your first time welcome. And if you love what you hear, please subscribe. I recommend listening to episode 0.5 as a guide for you. If you’re a regular, thanks for your support. And I’ll be talking more about you in a moment. If you’ve listened to all 300 episodes, reach out as I’ve a special gift for you. So just reach out at [email protected].


I’d like to take you on a little walk back through my podcast memory lane today to talk about my 300th. So it’s a little self-indulgent, but please stay with me because I still give you value. So I got podcasting because I used to fall asleep. When I read books due to my kidney disease. When you have polycystic kidney disease unfortunately, it does restrict your kidney function. It just means that a lot of the toxins still stay in your body, mainly in your brain. And you’re tired 24/7. And I cannot tell you how many times that I’d be reading a book I’d fall asleep. I didn’t know when I fell asleep, it’d probably be in the first 10 pages. One is I dropped the books. I wouldn’t know what page I was up to. So I constantly couldn’t finish books. And the second is I’d bang my head, or hit my head, my glasses with a book. So I couldn’t read anything heavier. Couldn’t read any hardbacks and look, to be honest with you just got a bit ridiculous. So I looked for an alternative and then I fell across podcasts. And I suppose now it seems such a natural fit, but back then, you know, there weren’t a lot of people listening to podcasts.


My first podcast I listened to was Entrepreneur On Fire from John Lee Dumas. That was back in 2012. So if you’re listening, John I think I’ve nearly listened to every podcast of yours. I got a little distracted in the last couple of years where you changed your format a little, but thank you for really setting the stage for me. And in 2017, I actually met both John and now his fiancé Kate at the We Are Podcast conference in Brisbane, Australia. And I remember cause you know, I was quite ill back then with my kidneys, but I went up for a two day event and it was hosted by Ronsley Vaz. And Rawnsley thanks for you. I know that you brought some of the best podcasters in the world to Australia and I couldn’t travel overseas. So for me it was a huge win. So thank you for that. I was then inspired to start my podcasts so I promised at the end of that day to Felicity, in particular who’s a great client of mine, Felicity Dales. I promised to her that I would launch my podcast. So I did on the 5th of May, 2017, I launched the Corporate Escapee Podcast and it was really me helping people like myself.


So I left corporate I left Coca Cola in 2011 because of my health, but also I wanted to run my own business and I learnt a lot of things in the six years in particular, a lot of things on what not to do. So I just wanted to help people to better do that. And I went out and interviewed other corporate escapees that were now successfully running their own business. And Noel Wax was my first guest. So huge shout out to you, Noel, I know you do great things for the community and I really appreciate you taking a chance on me to come on the show. And since then I’ve interviewed 220 guests, I’ve done 80 solo shows including this one. So I want to thank every guest for their contributions because certainly when I started, I was a, nobody like everyone that starts and over time I built up, you know, all the guests were fantastic, but guests, I suppose, with greater audiences and that really helped to highlight my podcast, others around the world.

And if you think of it, you know, I never missed a day. So I went through a major surgery in November, 2018. And thank goodness we had some in the bank I’d sort of prepared because I spent nearly 10 days in hospital, most of those in ICU and really I was seconds from losing my life. I went in to be keyhole surgery for my kidney removal, turned into a major operation and I’ve still got the shark bite scar to prove it, the surgeon apologized for having to do it, but I said, that’s okay, you saved my life. But he said, he also said it’s one of the worst cuts I’ve ever made. And I looked at my stabled stomach and agreed to it. So anyway, then I went on dialysis. So that didn’t stop me. And then I had my transplant from Brendan, which was amazing, one of my closest friends for 30 odd years. And that was in 2019 and all through that period. And to be honest, you know I was very ill, through patches of that. I was down to 6% kidney function but the one thing that really kept me going, the one thing that inspired me through that period no matter how bad I felt, I knew that I was helping someone else. And the podcast really gave me that. So thank you for everyone that was listening through that period.


Look, I have missed a couple of episodes around Christmas. Got to give some of you a break. I just want to thank some of the people that have been really here, to help, with the podcast. So Balazs who I’ve never met does all the editing of the podcast. So Balazs, thank you. I know you’re sort of the silent guy behind the scene, but I made a decision right from the get go that I was not going to edit an episode and I think that’s been the right decision. Then I’ve had some great sponsors. So Ruben from Dubb has been a great sponsor and David from Lead Jet also, so really thank you both for that.


I’ve had an amazing team made this all possible. So, you know, whilst I was lying in a hospital bed, someone had to do all the work. So Irina, thank you, then Coni and Chi, for all the work that you’ve done and I also had an external team Podetize. So thank you for your support as well through producing a lot of our, in particular a lot of our interviews and getting some SEO traffic. So I’ve also had some amazing mentors. So yes, I’ve listened to some of their podcasts, but most of you have worked one-on-one so there’s been James Schramko from SuperFast Business Podcast. I never miss a show. James I’ve listened to all of yours, but you’ve been a great supporter. Michael Greenberg recently helped me with podcasting. So thank you for that. I had Michael O’Neill from the Solopreneur Hour, so I met him at We Are Podcasts and he actually came and stayed down in my rental whilst we were building down here in Melbourne. So it was great to share a pie with you, Michael, and rescue a possum from memory. That’s right a possum. Charlie Velour who’s a part of Valour Media is the owner and founder of Valour Media. He’s always given me great tips on podcasting and Doug Sandler also, I did some work with him. He’s from Nice Guys Finish First, which is a lovely, lovely company name, but he also gave me a lot of value. And then last but not least was, Jamie Masters. So Jamie was my mentor for the total business, but she also helped me in particular with my podcasts and she from A Venture Millionaire. So I like to thank all of you for helping me make it to 300.

And also my clients all of you that are listening, you’ve inspired me. So you’ve given me great ideas. So when we’ve done our mentoring sessions I basically learnt through you, through application and then I have shared it, not your specific situation, but overall with everyone else. And finally last but not least the listeners, right? So everyone that’s listening. Like I said, if you’ve been through all 300 episodes, please email me at [email protected] and I’ve got a special gift for you.


I did lose my favorite listener and that was my mum. So, mum had passed away in July, 2019. And, she was very ill for a long time, but when she’d sat on dialysis for four and a half hours, four times a week, she listened to the podcast and it sort of gave her an understanding of what I did because when I left Coca Cola to go run my own business, my mum and dad to their credit, they tried to really understand my idea, but they couldn’t really grasp it. Mum was a school teacher for all of her career and she always was a huge community person giving back. And I suppose she was pleased that I was doing that through my podcasting, so mum, if you’re listening to us now from up above, thanks for being my number one listener through that journey.

And, last but not least is yeah, just the feedback has been incredible. So, as a podcaster, you don’t get as much feedback as you would like, but when people do come across me, whether it’s through my LinkedIn posts or other reasons to reach out to me, you know, some people want to work with me, which is fantastic. They’re always very kind in their feedback that they give me on the podcast. So look, it’s been an amazing journey. I hope to at least do another 300 more. if not more than that, I love doing this. I love the feedback I get. And yeah, thanks for being one of tens of thousands of people that has listened to this.


So you can listen to episode 0.5, if you want to go back and sort of get a bit of a pathway through the podcast. If you want to know how to run a sales machine, to get one to three high paying clients a month, go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/pulse. We’ve just updated it, it’s even sharper than what it was before nine critical questions in three minutes, please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. That’s where I post my amazing guests podcasts and the solo ones. If you know someone interested in building a sales team to Build Live and Give, please share this with them and get them to check it out.

Thanks again for all of you and all of your support. And please take action to Build Live and Give




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