3 Ways To Nail Sales Followup

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

There is not a sales system without a clear and organised follow up process. During this episode, Paul explains how common it is for business owners to lose opportunities when they don’t implement a few actions to follow up on potential clients.

Here you will learn what are those common mistakes, what are the 3 ways to solve them and learn some scripts to help you nail your follow ups.



01:10 – The most obvious mistake: Not doing any followup or not enough of it.

01:50 – Other common mistakes: Not using the right words, writing custom replies, not using a sales CRM.

04:50 – 3 ways to nail sales followup: Have a system

06:45 – 3 ways to nail sales followup: Add value

07:55 – 3 ways to nail sales followup: Give options

09:28 – 3 key actions from today



What many times do you follow up? 

The rough rule of thumb is to follow up between 5 and 12 times. And I’m good at this but I don’t do it as much as I should, and when I go back I see money sitting on the table that I let slip through.


Common mistakes

  • Not having a defined followup periods.
  • Not using words like circling back, following up, did you get my email?
  • Writing custom replies each time 
  • Not using sales CRM to capture when to follow up.

We use different scripts to make it easier and efficient for anyone from the team. And even though it is better to reply from the original email or message, we are always careful with the words you use in the subject or header.


3 ways to nail sales followup:

  1. Have a system
  • Use scripts to make the follow-ups quickly and painless. I got all my scripts in my sales CRM, organized by number so my team can go and use them in no time.
  • Define the days you want to send them and make sure they are embedded in your sales CRM.
  • Make it a daily habit.
  1. Add value

Always ask permission. “Are you open to this” is my favorite way to approach someone new. But send them something of value relating directly to their pain point you got from the qualification call. It could be a podcast episode, a framework, or a template.

  1. Give options

I use a simple script to find out more about exactly what they need from me and have worked quite well: “I respect your time and I would love to know what you would like me to do from here”.

Then I list four simple options to make it even easier for them to reply:

  1. Continue to reach out
  2. Please wait for my reply
  3. Leave it for now and add me to your list
  4. Not for me. Thanks

If you would like to get access to all of my follow up scripts (I have about 340 now), email me at [email protected] 


3 key actions from today

  1. Avoid the common mistakes 
  2. Implement one of the three actions
  3. Email me to get the scripts




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