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I’ve recorded several podcasts related to LinkedIn, you can go and find Episode 165, which is Likes to Leads,  Episode 169 – Seven Steps That Helped Me Get 693,000 views on LinkedIn. I’m about up to 2 million now in just over a year, Episode 197 – 9 Killer Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Relevant. And last Episode 203 – The Most Important Word on LinkedIn. And we’ll have all of those in the show notes. So please check out past shows on your favorite platform to search Build, Live Give. 


Today’s topic is 3 elements you should track on LinkedIn to get more clients. They are profile posts and possibilities. I know there’s an exhaustive list of them. But I’ll just stick to the really key ones and ones that you might not hear or my perspective on the ones that you might not hear that often. 


How long have you’ve been using LinkedIn to gain new clients for your business? 

Just stop thinking about it. Some of you are deep, really deep into LinkedIn. And then I know some of you are just starting your experiment. But I can tell you, if you’re a service-based business owner, LinkedIn is definitely the place to be for B2B sales. It’s absolutely there. And as I said, before, you know, I’ve had over 2 million views in just over 12 months of going to 150 new clients. And it’s absolutely transformed my business. We also run a community with about 80 other service-based business owners and it’s also done amazing things for them. 

But you know, sometimes you don’t get time to analyze the right information to save you both time and effort. Okay, you might be spending a lot of time where you could better use it. So that’s what I want to go through today. 

Profile number one: Your profile views, you can actually see on your profile. You can go into the left-hand side of your profile, or on the dashboard now on your profile itself. And you can get the last five people that viewed your profile. And if you’re on the paid premium, you can get the last 90 days. For me at the moment, I was probably three months ago when we’re doing more heavy outreach. And to be honest, a lot of that was unqualified, and I probably if I had gone home again, I would have invested that if I had had looked at the numbers that will show you a little bit further in particular in the possibility section. But now it’s gone down to about 160 views a day. So I’d love to know, you know, what is yours? How many views are you getting, and just go on and check it even if you want to pause it now, go in and check it is pretty easy to check on your profile and just see what you’ve got. And the most important thing, whether you’re on the free with five or the 90 is that actually reach out to people that are viewed. I get my team to do that, on my behalf. They’re using my word. But you know, I’ve definitely gained clients from that end, it’s used just a nice script, a nice simple script. And that’s a great way. So they’re the key things I look at from a profile perspective. 


The next is the post and obviously, this is going to have a little bit more information. 

 I do run a community called the sales machine that I spoke about before. We really support each other in our posts. And what we use as one of the key tools to measure our posts is something called shieldapp.ai. Once again, the link will be in the show notes. And it’s about $8 USD for the entry package per month. And it gives you some fantastic reports. 


How do I use it to get more clients?

One is that it ranks my top posts, I can go over any time period, or as far back as I’ve been using it I think it’s a couple of years. And I can then rank all my top posts and look for themes. What posts are performing best, what type of post, is it video is, it text base, and to be honest, one of the key things that I went to telling most of my community to do majority of text-based posts because I still work better documents next then video so I can look at those and I can look for topics patterns, etc. That’s really important. Then what you want to do is look at your engagement score. You can do this manually. You can track it in the spreadsheet, but it’s just so much easier to look at it cut up by different time periods. Think of this as a bit like Google Analytics for your LinkedIn. And engagement is measured by comments plus likes, divided by views. So you can have it for each post, you can have your average, once again, you can change all the time frames. But I personally look for about 7% which is a really good number for my text-based posts. And I normally get you know, about 2%, for video. So once again, you just see what you’re doing. If you’re tracking it manually. That’s cool, have a look. But if you’re not, why don’t you go on trial DUBB sorry, trial shield app.io. DUBB is an app that I use for the video, but have a look at that. And the really important one for me is tracking over the life of the post as well. So each post, it tells you by the minute how many views you’ve got. And the most important thing we found out is that the first hour is absolutely essential. Okay, so if you can get we believe from our data analysis, you can get basically 50 likes 20 comments in the first hour, your post is going to be boosted. 


My post today I think is about 16,000 views. And it got 4000 in the first two hours, about two and a half thousand in the first day, but the amount of comments and like that really took it off. So have a look at how many likes and comments you’re getting. The other thing is you can drill down now LinkedIn does give you some information on every post, you’ll see a little graph on the bottom. But once again, SHIELD App just goes in a bit more details. You can look at the company occupation region, and you just want to see like, you might be getting messy views. But it’s all in the wrong country, the wrong occupation, and the wrong company sector that you’re targeting, well, you need to adjust to attract your ideal clients. 


The last one, I’ll be quick on this one. There’s a lot of great blogs out there on it and LinkedIn newsletters or soon to be newsletters post articles, that I think that’s what they were called is the SSI score. So you can just search up if you just go link, LinkedIn, SSI, you’ll find it’s pretty easy. 

You can log in and get it and there’s four sort of key components to it. So each adds up to 25 to give you a score out of 100, and my score is 81. And the biggest thing that I need to do is to contact more influences or be connected with high influences. So if they’ve got a higher SSI score, then your post will benefit from that. So that’s a key thing there. Okay, before we go into the possibilities, I briefly spoke about it before by mistake, I’d like to talk to you about DUBB. It’s an all in one sales and marketing video platform that helps you to attract, convert and retain more happy clients don’t hold me those. I used it this week to improve my video outreach. Why don’t check it out yourself. Just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb.


The last section is possibilities. We’ve covered profile and post possibilities. The key thing, what I call possibilities is basically outreach. So, you’ve already earned the right to do that because your profile is really your profile. Absolutely looking smick. That means that when someone goes to look at you to see whether they connect, that looks good. 


And the other one is that you’re posting, so they’ll go and say, Okay, this person is getting great engagement, they must be an expert or a thought leader at what they do. 


I think that’s really important to get the profile on the post right first, and make sure you’re tracking those measurements. A couple of key things I look at: One is total connections, divided by followers, or followers, divided by total connections. I should say. So what you really want is connections by followers. What you want is a ratio that’s positive, right? Mine’s just over 1.1 at the moment. It means that I’ve got more followers and connections. That means people following me just to the content. And that’s great. Every new connection will be a follower. So that’s how you work that out. Weekly new connection sent. 


We’ll look at that. I recommend about 30 a day. It’s safe 60 to 75, but I wouldn’t do any more than that. Okay, you will get flagged by LinkedIn and you could have your account restricted acceptance. Sending out connections, you should be getting about 50% acceptance, if you’re not getting that you need to adjust your strategy. And the other one replied, about 30% of people coming back to you number of leads 50 a week. And also, what we want to track is video or personally what I track is I do a lot of video outreach. 


So what I track is: 

  • Videos how many I sent, 
  • How many have been viewed, 
  • How many have turned into deals and how many turned into clients because that’s a key way that I do high ticket outreach. 


Okay, a lot that we went through today. So the three key actions you can take out of all of that is posting: 

  • Track your profile views and follow up, 
  • Look at your engagement, possibilities, number of leads 


So you can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 253. And you can also listen to 0.5 if you’re a new listener, Episode 0.5 so you can get a great overview if you want to know if you will have a lower high seven-figure service-based business in 2021. Just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/assessment  15 questions in three minutes. It’s a breeze, but it’s incredibly valuable. 


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