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If you have already exhausted all the organic posting and outreach opportunities, you might be ready to use LinkedIn ads. This week’s guest, Anthony Blatner, from SpeedWork, is one of the best LinkedIn experts on the planet, and by listening to this, you’re going to find out why.

He explains when is the right moment for a company of any size to start using LinkedIn ads, shares the biggest mistakes to avoid when doing LinkedIn ads, the best way to retarget on the platform, and so much more information that will blow your mind.




03:55 – What are the problems Anthony helps to solve? Improve LinkedIn ads performance and targeting.

07:00 – Visuals for LinkedIn ads. Images, texts and a clear call to action.

09:32 – What is working best for lead magnets? Quick and easy downloadables.

11:00 – Why add ads to your LinkedIn strategy? Ads are not for everybody.

12:20 – How to boost a post? You can only boost posts from a company page, not a personal profile.

12:56 – LinkedIn Retargeting. Account list targeting.

15:08 – Different ad formats. Sponsored content, images, videos, carousel, text, dynamic, and message ads.

18:04 – What would be an expected spend per day for a small business? On the low end, 500 to 1,000 dollars a month.

19:43 – How ad testing works on LinkedIn? There's not as much algorithm craziness on LinkedIn.

21:25 – Future of LinkedIn ads. They were acquired by Microsoft a couple of years ago, and there have been a lot of new developments.

24:45 – The Rapid Fire Section


LinkedIn ads vs. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are for bigger audiences and rely on the AI algorithm to find the best person for you based on who’s engaging and who’s converting. LinkedIn ads, on the other hand, have targeting capabilities to get very niche (industry, company size, job position).

  1. Impressions and clicks: On Facebook, you’re paying for every impression. On LinkedIn, you’re paying for every click. You want to be very accurate to get all the right clicks that are very expensive on LinkedIn and don’t leave anything to chance. You don’t want to pay for untargeted clicks.
  2. Bidding by default: On Facebook, the lowest-cost bidding is the default option. This means the platform will try to win ad spots for your campaign at the lowest cost available. The LinkedIn setting is maximum delivery, which tells the algorithm to spend all the budget every day, whether those people are part of your target audience or not. Anthony recommends flipping that to manual bidding so that you can set your bid price according to your budget.
  3. Creative: On Facebook, you’re paying for every impression, so it’s good to have content that draws your audience in. On LinkedIn, you’re paying for every click, so you want to be very clear and direct on who you’re speaking to and what you’re offering so that you eliminate the chance of any non-targeted clicks. 


What goes after the call to action? Lead magnet or landing page?

LinkedIn has professional targeting options that many of the other platforms do not have. That is why LinkedIn is also a costly channel to use. So it serves the best purpose using it as top-funnel lead capture. So once you’ve captured that lead, follow up via cheaper means like email, phone call or LinkedIn messages to get a good response rate.

It depends on your brand and your company and what you’re offering, but most people have the most success with lead magnets. If you have a very mature market or a very aware audience, you can be more direct. But if you have an unaware audience and you’re not a mainstream brand, you probably have to start with lead magnets as the only way to get them interested.


Why to add ads to your LinkedIn strategy?

Ads are not for everybody, and that you should probably start with the organic and free methods first. Be active, use sales navigator to see what targeting options are there, explore your network, build your network, post content to get views. There’s a lot of great value you can get from just using those. 

Once you’re happy with that and you want to crank it up, that’s where ads come in. You can take your ad dollars and put it behind content and get a lot more impressions and more reach out of your content. When you do that organically, there can be certain limitations in terms of the algorithm or the limit to a hundred connection requests per week. Those are good channels, but ads are where you’re going to be able to ramp it up.


LinkedIn Retargeting

As far as LinkedIn retargeting, you can retarget in a similar way to how Facebook retargeting works. But there is another form of targeting called account list targeting. It’s an option that only LinkedIn offers, and it’s the ability to upload a list of companies or select a list of companies in the B2B world. ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is a very effective approach.

If you have a select list of companies that you want to target, you can upload that list to LinkedIn and then LinkedIn will know this set of companies. And then, I can layer in LinkedIn targeting to target all salespeople or marketers at these companies and then serve ads to all those salespeople. 

This is great to combine with other sales efforts. Suppose you have salespeople who are reaching out to these target accounts. In that case, they are going to be familiar with your company or content because they are going to be seeing your posts and other content that you are advertising to them.


The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I’ll have to say learning and reading and educational content. Every morning when I’m getting ready, I’ll watch different YouTube videos. And then throughout my day, when I have breaks, I’ll usually put on a YouTube video, and it’s whatever I’m working on at the time, I’ll find relevant videos to that. I always see it as a good way to load your brain with information about what you are working on while you’re working on it.


What are some of the tech tools that you use to accelerate your sales?

So recently, I’ve liked using Seamless.ai for contact enrichment. When you’re generating leads online, whether you’re doing it organically, you might have certain pieces of contact information from people. And then, even when you’re capturing leads on LinkedIn, you’re gonna get certain pieces of contact info from people. Seamless is well‑priced and has a lot of good data there. And then the tech I use most commonly is the marketing funnel technologies, email marketing automation with Zapier, and Calendly for scheduling.


What’s one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

Look to LinkedIn ads when you’re ready to scale up your leads and fill your pipeline with more leads. It’s a good way to do that. You have to put more budget behind it, but you can get more leads out of it.

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About Anthony Blatner

Anthony Blatner is the founder of Speedwork Social, a top LinkedIn Advertising agency. As a previous tech founder and ex-IBMer, Anthony has seen a lot of companies have explosive growth with good technology and good marketing, while others (even though they had a great product or service) fail without effective marketing.

In 2016, Anthony started Speedwork to help those companies unlock their B2B marketing potential. By blending his experience in marketing and software, Anthony is able to help businesses reach high-level decision makers at scale using LinkedIn Ads and technology.

It’s safe to say that Anthony is one of the top LinkedIn ads experts in the industry, having managed millions in ad spend and generating over 100,000 new sales opportunities.


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