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During Paul’s 29 years in business, in corporate and as a business owner, he documented daily reflections to learn from his experiences. In this solo show, he shares some of the lessons he learned along the way.


1:23 – Documented daily reflections about my days in corporate and as a business owner.
2:01 – Charge what you are worth
2:19 – Sell the highest ticket item first
2:38 – Let go
3:04 – Measure results
3:33 – Ruthless on client qualification
4:19 – 3 big decisions a quarter
5:02 – Diagnose, then prescribe
5:18 – 90% of sales call on the pain and personal impact
6:11 – Cash is critical
6:21 – Progress, not perfection
6:47 – Get mentored by someone who has walked in your shoes
7:10 – Listen and never go one-upmanship
7:34 – Don't be first to your emails
8:34 – Time blocking
09:07 – You should treat every person in your life with respect, no matter what they can do
9:41 – Wait 4 seconds before talking
11:03 – Three key actions from today


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16 business lessons to scale faster


1. Charge what you are worth: You only have to be better than the person you are helping to be an expert.

2. Sell the highest ticket first: Then you can extend other services after that. And the most important thing, you can learn and then scale.

3. Let go: This is a lot easier said than done. Let go of tasks others can do and focus on things only you can do.

4. Measure results: I put qualitative and quantitative goals in the proposal, and then I measured them monthly to let people know how we were progressing against them.

5. Ruthless client qualification: To qualify, you must niche down first. And then, follow clear criteria on who you’re working with.

6. Three big decisions a quarter: Focus on the key actions that had a material impact on your business.

7. Diagnose then prescribe: Dig into the true reasons before jumping to solutions.

8. 90% of sales call on the pain and personal impact: Focus on the pain and the personal impact of the person that’s buying.

9. Cash is critical: You should always have three months’ expenses in the bank account.

10. Progress, not perfection: Focusing on perfection will slow down the whole scale cycle.

11. Get mentored by someone who has walked in your shoes: I turned to James Schramko from Superfast Business, and he saved me enormous time.

12. Listen and never go one-upmanship: “People think about themselves morning, noon and night”: Napoleon Hill.

13. Don’t be first to your emails: Someone in my team goes through my emails first. That saves me a huge amount of time and distractions.

14. Time blocking: I love working in 30-minute blocks on one specific task, and I time myself, recorded on Toggl. At the end of each week, I look at the amount of time I spent on sales, marketing and clients, my three most important things.

15. You should treat every person in your life with respect, no matter what they can do: Ask about their families and their lives, and always be courteous.

16. Wait 4 seconds before talking: We all know the power of listening, but how often do we work against this by speaking too soon? In a sales call, I wait four seconds, It feels like forever, but it’s just incredible. The number of conversations I’ve learnt from, by waiting there.


Three key actions from today

  1. Rate yourself against the 16 lessons, 0 to 10.
  2. Prioritise the 5 with the lowest rate by importance 
  3. Act on one. Don’t try to do all at the same time.


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