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So today’s topic is how to gain new clients. Leveraging assessments. You will learn three key things.

  1. Why use assessments 
  2. What platform to use 
  3. Tips in setting it up because it can be a little tricky at the start.


So I have listened to every podcast by Neil Patel and Eric Sue on the marketing school podcast. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. They’re short, they’re daily and they always give fantastic value. I personally skip the first minute, so you’ll know. So it gets right to the core, but yeah, excellent show. And I heard them mentioned quizzes and ways that you can get more or add more value to prospects. And I thought, okay, I’ll try it out. I’ve heard quizzes. I’ve heard assessments. Now I call it assessment. They call it a quiz to me, I call it one in the same thing. I determined as one and the same thing, and Neil’s got his own software called LeadQuizzes. And that’s what I’m going to talk about a little further in this podcast. And, you know, I’ve had the boring checklists and PDFs and to be honest, they’re really difficult to set up.


Sometimes you never get the graphics right. I’m sure you’ve had similar things that I love to know if you’ve had a checklist or a PDF, that’s absolutely knocked the lights out and you’ve done really well. Please send it through. I’d love to see it, but for most people and most of the people I mentor it hasn’t been great. So, Mary Henderson from maryhendersoncoaching.com started to build my personal brand and was around the same time I listened to the podcast and she said, look, I think assessments or quizzes are great for your new funnel that we’re creating and for the launch of your new website. I said, okay, let’s do it. The other key reason is I really did want to add value to my prospects. I wanted something that was interactive and gave them more value. So before I go into the tips, I would like to talk about dub D U B B.


It’s an all in one sales and marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I used it this week to ask people to be guests on my podcast. So I approached them through LinkedIn. Then I sent a video and the cool thing is it had a call to action button at the bottom where they could book a specific link to have a call, to see if they were the right fit. So why not check it out for yourself, just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb and that’s D U B B. So, we’ve talked about why we’ve talked about the platform LeadQuizzes, but let’s go through some tips that I got from actually setting it up. And I’m a big shout out to Coni who helped me set this up. Coni’s a great member of my team.


So the first thing is to have a really powerful hero image. The second thing is to test hit headlines, right? It’s like any, anything else? 

So our first one was called: Are You Running a Sweat Box or a Profit Machine? And I just don’t think people got it, it sounded great to Mary and I but it didn’t sound good to everyone else. So now we’ve changed it up. So at the moment we’re using: Will You Have a Low or High Figure Service Based Business in 2021, I was just said, service business in 2021. So we’ve tested that so far. We’re getting much better results from that. Just so you know, I think that headline, like any copy is really important. The next thing is the position of the email address. So we used to have at the bottom, so people would go through all the quiz and then probably not fill it out.


We found that most times then we had at the top and some people weren’t doing it because it’s like, okay, you know, it goes straight to the email. Um… I want to get some value first. So we positioned in the middle. So test bot works for you, but getting just their first name and their email address is great so that you can send them follow up or the results, whatever you choose to do. The next is that your questions should be related to your methodology. And, I’ve created a methodology, it was called The Four Pillars. Now it’s the Three Pillars, but it’s a very clear methodology so that when I’m getting someone on a discovery call or in the future, that they’re very clear on the methodology. But most importantly, that methodology, I know, works and adds value and just has simple yes or no questions.


And the other thing I recommend is about 15 questions to begin with. I had, I think 26, it was way too many questions and the completion rate was really low. So I recommend about 15 questions and just test it yourself. It should take you about three minutes, no more than five minutes to complete it. The other thing is in the questions, just have really good examples in the description. You know, if it’s a short question, and sometimes people, the way that you interpret your methodology and words, isn’t different to other people. So really make sure you have some examples in there that makes it as easy as possible. And you can simply do it in the description there. The actual platform is really easy to use. Then the results now I like four different ranges of results you might use differently.

So I’ve used: 

  • 0 to 25,
  • 26 to 50, 
  • 51 to 75 
  • 76 to 100. 


And then what we’ve done is got specific text and also videos based on the outcomes of each of those. So, the 0 to 25, there’s significant work, 26 to 50. There’s good, but there’s more to do 51 to 75. You’re on a great track. How about we tweak it through a few things? And my 76 to a 100 was, you’re doing such a great job. I’d love to have you on as a guest on the podcast. Would you be open to that? Now the actual mechanism of scoring gets a little tricky. I’m sure there’s YouTube. I think that’s what Coni used, but if you want to know how to do that, just email Coni, [email protected]. So that’s C O N I, and she’ll definitely help you out.


And as I said, the videos make them about a minute, a little bit longer, you can go and see mine, but that’s what I recommend. And at the end, offer them a call. Now this is not a sales call. It’s just taking them through the PDF. I don’t send them a PDF, they get the PDF on the call, and then I’d take them through to show you the gaps and then talk about a plan. But it’s very much talking about the gaps, what they could do. It’s not sales call for at least the sales call. That’s great, but it’s not a sales call. So please not sales, adding value. And then the last one is track results. We track it every week. And like I said, we’ve made changes to the header, etc.


Continue to do that. And just quickly on the off-road call, just have a booking link. So we use Book like A Boss, but, but use whatever you like.


So three key actions from today:

  1. Have a look at mine as an example. So paulhigginsmentoring.com/assessment.
  2. Trial LeadQuizzes. So it’s leadquizzes.com. 
  3. Email Coni @ [email protected]


If you aren’t using, you don’t know how to do the scoring, email her so you can get all the links and all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 257 or in the app that you’re listening to now recommend the pocket cast app. It’s fantastic, also go and listen to that episode 0.5, if you know it’s a great way to get a real overview of all the podcasts and what I’m up to. This is 257. So there’s a few there. 


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