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So today’s topic is a little bit different. It’s a 2020 – It’s a Wrap. So we all have our personal stories for 2020.


Some things worked out really well, some didn’t. And I must admit that it didn’t quite go the way that I’d planned.  Actually all my passwords. So I’ve changed them all now guys. But my passwords were something with 2020 in them to say that this was the year that I was going to change for me. Right. If you’ve sort of been listening to me, you’d know that, you know, I’ve had a transplant, I’ve had a rough sort of three years, and this was the year that I was going to be a hundred percent fit for the first time in, I’d say probably 15 years and I was older to go and travel the world. And, sadly it didn’t pan out that way. So we were meant to leave for the US I mean our main way. It was Brendan, my best friend and Donald.

So we call him Richo. So I’ll refer to them as Richo, but we were meant to leave on the 20th of March. And look, I really knew in January that, you know, the risk, it just was going to be too great. I was listening to lots of podcasts. I wasn’t insured, even before it was a pandemic. And look, to be honest, it really hit me hard because I’d set all my goals for this year and most important. I said all my goals to thank someone, like how do you thank someone that’s given you a transplant? And,  I was going to take him golfing in the US and yet it really broke my heart. 


And anyway, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve got lots of perspectives and thought, you know, look, we had a little bit of a first wave here in Victoria.

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and it wasn’t too bad. And then I thought it was going to be okay. And then the second one over till talk about, we actually were in lockdown for four months and was pretty severe. And because of my immune suppressed, I took it even harder than that. And I basically didn’t leave my house, but I thought, why don’t I focus on growing my business? Cause you know what things are like, all right, 2021, okay, it’s going to be good to make the most of what I can in 2020 and not put off the things that I have been doing. 


I’ll just go through key months and key activities. 


So in March I did some acting classes, so thank you, Pip Edwards. It was absolutely fantastic. And I also finally got someone to do my show notes. So big shout out to everyone at Podetize that, do my show notes. 


Then in May I did a video challenge. So thanks Nina Froriep for your challenge. And also everyone else that I did it with, it was fantastic. It got me started to get really confident with video and yes, this interview. So the solo won’t be the interview show. We’ll definitely be going to video for January 2021. That’s right. I’ve got to say it. Right. So in June, I started with someone, to help me with my personal brand. I thought, okay, look, I’ve got no excuses. I can’t hide anymore. My Health’s good. I’ve got to launch a personal brand and who better than Mary Henderson She’s absolutely brilliant. She happens to live two, three kilometers from my house. And, she was amazing. So Mary, I hope you’re listening now and you have significantly changed my life for the better .So I cannot thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


You’ve made a massive difference then June, Linda was meant to be in New York for her 50th. Didn’t happen. I think at that stage, we could have eight people in a house. So we had a nice little party for Linda.


 July, I took a week off, which is often, and then I participated in the digital marketing dam and that conference. So I really appreciate the opportunity to do that. That was fantastic. And then also we’ve got a new team member. So, Chi came into the team. She’s been an absolute breath of fresh air. She’s my only person I actually hire in Melbourne Australia. And, through a school friend who introduced me.

 Chi couldn’t really get a job anywhere else because of a health condition. She could only work from home, which suited me perfectly.

And it’s amazing when the world just gives you an opportunity, you take it, there was a risk and it’s worked out so well, so  welcome Chi, and thanks for all your help. 


This year in August, I did some podcasts outreach. So thank you to YesBoss’ Kristen Molenaar who, if you go look at her profile, she looks like someone famous or maybe the famous person looks like her. Not quite sure, but thanks Kristen for that. And also Shawn Souto from SSI started doing some SEO work and we really started to make sure that I was owning the farm and yes, I’d had some brilliant results on LinkedIn. I’ll tell you some of that at the end of this, but I thought, Hey, time to get your own house in order, if you like your personal brand, you need to also have all your assets firing.

So we did that and I also did the social post summit, and I also got new team members. So Melany, who was fantastic, she was from Venezuela into Colombia, had been with us. She decided to go and watch her own business, which I fully support. 

And then Isabella came on board and, you know, you’ve been great Isabella. So Isabella’s in Colombia. So, once again, that South America, part of the team which works beautifully with the USA is where, you know, most of my clients are in North America or within North America. 


So then September I launched a new assessment and MasterClass. So this was all the great assets that Mary helped me create. And she really improved my sales funnel out of sight. In September, I did a MBA webinar as well, so that was with the success-wise team.

So thanks Allan Dib for that opportunity. And thanks to Claire Marshall for all your support there in September. Also I launched Accelerate, which is my new one-on-one service and also redefined Sales Machine, which is my membership. So moved it just off, been about LinkedIn, moved it into total sales and accelerate. I took it from a 12 month program down to a 12 week program and really focused on getting results for people and in particular in sales, but also helping them with their teams and that’s worked exceptionally well. 


October was my 50th. So it was a bit sad in one way that it was onboard on the 5th of October, which is the same as Mum, Mum passed away in 2009 and didn’t get to see me and my 50th, but she’s in a much better place. Now, mum, you’ll always be in my heart, and Richo decided to retire before his 50th.

And, once again, I couldn’t celebrate with him. So that was a bit heartbreaking. And also my Dad couldn’t celebrate my 50th, in person, but, you know, I’m sure all of you listening, you’ve got a story like that. And, anyway, he retired early, which was great, because he’d been in the police force for 27 years and, uh, it was well and truly time for him to retire so we can spend some more time together and also launched my personal branding site. So paulhigginsmentoring.com. And on the 26th of October, I got a late birthday present where we came out of lockdown. 

And, also I added another team member, Nikie. So Nikie came to me with some great, LinkedIn experience and, she’s definitely brought that to the team and has helped there. So, it’s great to have you in the team Nikie. November, Build  Live Give, got a revamp.


So if you think of the personal branding side as paulhigginsmentoring.com then buildlivegive.com is the product site. And we went at 10 X pro. So, 10 X pro has been absolutely fantastic. So, big shout out to James Schramko who sort of encouraged me to get on 10 X pro and yeah, it’s been absolutely wonderful. And, then I also got off my butt and got someone to help me with, with my online course, which is going to support my group programme launching in February. So if you want to know more about that, just reach out to me, but, yeah, Maria, you’re a blessing in disguise. So Maria Doyle, absolute legend and, she’s not just improved my online course ability, but I think just the way that I communicate in total, she has this wonderful thing of test teach test, and you’ll have to find Maria and get her to tell you what that means, but once you get that it’s life changing and then also did a Dubb video.


So thanks to Rubin and Doris who had me on, and it was hugely successful. And it was great to welcome some new clients from that end December all of the work that we’d done float into some lovely new clients. So, really appreciate the new clients that have come on board. And it’s been a wonderful end of the year, knowing that you’re getting results for people you love working with. And I think one of the key things that Mary helped me with is a pivot in an ideal client, which was spot on. So what were some of the highlights, podcasts? So I released the 95 for the year, which has great LinkedIn views. I said, you know, I’ve done a lot of work on LinkedIn, continue to do it. Now I’m building my own assets as well. And our 1.5 million views, which isn’t bad for, you know, typically what is it, 15 minutes, three times a week that I write a post to get 1.5 million views and it brought in clients, right?


So I had 65 new clients. And as I said before, three new team members, and I’d love to give a quick shout out to Coni. Who’s basically my right hand person, Coni, couldn’t be where I am without you. You’re just amazing. I said, we’ve got Chi, we’ve got, Nikki, we’ve got Isabella. So thanks for all your support. And we’ve also got JC. So JC lives in the Maldives. Nice. If he can do it. And he provides a lot of support on sales and now is really focusing on our channel partner program. And if you want to find more about our partner program, just go to the paulhigginsmentoring website and you’ll see that, but wonderful. And then I’ve got Bianca as well. Who has been there for a long, long time. And Bianca, you know, thanks for everything you do and the client that you support.


So in a wrap, what were my key learnings, invest in your business, build assets.

Alright don’t do anything else, but build assets. And I was like, yeah, I had fun from our sale last year. And Scott Gellatly, a big shout out to you. You’ve been a huge supporter of mine, and yet it feels weird this year, not having you as a business partner, but I know you’re doing exceptionally well at ITGenius, gone with a sale and well done and make sure you get specialists to build your assets. Right. Don’t try to do it yourself. The second is build a team, right? So I’ve got an awesome team. You should do the same. So you’ve got a direct team like I have, and you’ve also got some specialists to build your list. I think everyone says it, but I just didn’t realise it. So I’ve got, you know, 16,000 followers on LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean anything.


And I had my LI account restricted.

It was a bit of a mix-up. I got it back. But I tell you what that really shocked me into saying, look after your list and the last one is target the right ideal client. Okay. So what I was doing was targeting people that just couldn’t afford the infrastructure that I brought to the business and couldn’t move quick enough because they didn’t have teams to deliver. So now I’ve stepped out with up to seven figure service-based business owners. It’s been a world of difference. And also now I can charge what I’m worth. So, once again, thanks Mary for that. So as this changed your view of what 2020 was, you know, I’d love to know what I have achieved in 2020. So as I said before, you can just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions, and just let me know, but also if you’re on my email list and that’s how you get this, please just reply by email.


And also, if you’re not on my list and you’d love to be on my list, cause I do three really valuable emails a week. I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s not because there is always value. Just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/assessment. You’ll get a free assessment. And you’ll also get on the list through that. And the way that I’ve done this is just go through my calendar, and just looked at the key highlights. Right? So you could do the exact same thing. So finally to you, thank you for taking the time to listen to my podcast. Yes, I’ve done. What was it? 95. Right. But I do it because of the feedback I get and the value that I give you. So thanks for all the feedback and I really appreciate you listening, have a safe and enjoyable festive season. It’s going to be different for everyone because of COVID. But I hope, you know, you are with your loved ones and if you’re not, they know that you’d rather be with them and there’s still a connection. You’ll find a way, 2021 will be your year. Okay. I promise 2021 is going to be your year.

My goal is to help seven-figure business owners to Build Live and Give. 

And I hope I’ve done that for you this year. Take care, Paul.



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