10 Elements Of A High Converting Sales Page

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

Paul worked 18 years in Coca-Cola, and while working in sales, he was trained in many things sales-related. But nobody told him that once he started his own business, he needed a sales page? A what? Yes, a sales page.

During this solo show, he will go through 10 steps (and some examples) you need to follow to write a good sales page with everything your ideal client needs to know about you and your business. He also shares the names of some experts that can help you level up your sales game.


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So today's topic is 10 elements of our high converting sales page. You'll learn what the 10 elements are and some examples, so you can bring it to life. I had 18 years at Coca Cola, I was trained in many things to do with sales, but you know what? I wasn't ever trained on how to write a sales page. So I found it really difficult and it's really taken me the last 10 years in my own business or multiple businesses to begin to write them well. And I've had a couple of guests on the show who absolutely know this topic. One, Steven Lewis in episode 201, and Adil Amarsi in episode 236. So please go check those out. And I've also had help from Steven privately as well. He's helped me with some of my sales pages. And I've created a swipe file and read lots of books, in particular Russell Brunson's books, and also followed so many YouTube people that it's just too many dimensions.


But to be honest, what I want to do is reduce all of that 10 years of learnings to get it under 10 minutes for you today. And potential research clients do their research, right? And we all know that 'cause we're potential clients as well. And I want you to make it as easy as possible for them because they won't book a call until they really understand the value. Yes, time's always been important, but particularly now. And having a sales page that can give you multiple steps of the sales funnel saves you and your potential clients so much time. And look, some people might call a sales page VSL, which is a video sales letter, whatever rocks your boat, as they say. So let me go through the 10.


Number one is challenges. You love what you do, but sometimes you get so caught up on that, that you want to go straight to helping people. And I get it. I used to be that person all the time, but you need to step back and clearly articulate some of the challenges that they're having at that moment. Please use their specific words when you do it. I always like to have a maximum of three challenges.


Number two is video. What's the old saying: A picture tells a thousand words. Well, a great 10 minute video at the top above the fold can really help people to work out what the whole offer is, right? Yes, the texts will help, but there's nothing like watching it, and in particular hearing it from you. And I think that's been absolutely vulnerable in my sales pages. And I think these days are the bare minimum. So what are some examples? Well, an example for me is the key result that you're going to give during the video, but also at the start. So mine is: Three ways to double consulting revenue through referrals without wasting your precious time. Sounds great, but what does it mean? Well, go to the video and they will see it.


Number three is call to action. So typically there's two options. Either apply and an application is great, I've got that for my high ticket items, or maybe it's book a call and you have that obviously by now, which is always the third. But depending if you're selling an item over probably $3,000, I would say that people really want to talk to you. And there's a couple of examples. I want to book a call now, so make it as proactive in using positive language as possible. And make sure it's multiple times on the sales page.


Number four, it's testimonials. It's always been adhered to by others, talking positively about you rather than yourself, right? We all know that. So have multiple testimonials on the page. A picture and text is great, but also have you got video? You can have those, but I find that people don't watch the video as much.


Number five is desire. So list the three key benefits they will have from your service or programme. For example, mine is: Apply now if you desire to have confidence in your sales ability, have that steady stream of predictable referrals, a sales system that doubles your revenue.


Before I continue, I'd like to talk about Leadjet.io. Ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put all the information in. I had my domain changed recently. It was a disaster and I couldn't believe how much time it actually takes. Also sending messages where you've got to copy and paste. Well, the great thing is Leadjet does that all for you and many other tasks and it does it automatically. It does it across major sales platforms like Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, et cetera. So why not check it out yourself, just go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/leadjet.


Number six is the genius model. If you are selling your IP to get someone a result, why not make it crystal clear on exactly what they will get from you in the end? And I mean, the result, not the features. I see this so often and, as my examples, I've got the three C's. I've got connect, convert, and collaborate. And then I have outcomes under each of those. So it's really easy to know what you're going to get from my programme. To be honest, this has been a game changer in my sales system. So a big shout out to Taki Moore for his help on this, and also listen to episode 310, where I cover the genius model.


Number seven, how you get results. So summarise the key components of your programme. For example, your onboarding, your diagnostic, your strategy goal, your sessions, short and sweet, but really make it clear how you're going to get them result.


Number eight is who was it for? Clearly state who your ideal client is, and this really helps people to pre-qualify. We all don't like the terminology tire-kickers, but often we let ourselves down by not being really clear. So as you use your best clients to come up with the criteria for this. For example, I have ambitiously to double your business in the next 12 months, preparing to sell or have someone run the business medium term. So there's some examples of what you want.


Number nine is the about you. Just a short summary of who you are and most importantly, who you love to help. And last but not least is number ten: the FAQs. And these are the top objections that you've got through all of your sales calls. I actually keep a note of them and then put them there with the corresponding answers. It really helps to proactively get ahead of those objections for the sales call. But it also is fair on the person if they don't like the answers, so then they won't jump on a call, which saves them and you time. In summary, I'm not saying I'm the world's best person at writing sales pages, but I've been doing it for 10 years. And if you haven't got the money at the moment to get an expert like Steven Lewis on to your sales pages, please, and follow these things.


Three action steps so that you can really implement and get value from this. One is to review your sales pages against the 10 step criteria. Two is check out my pages. So I'll put the links in the show notes, but go to Paulhigginsmentoring.com/sm and also Paulhigginsmentoring.com/ASP. Once again, in the show notes. And the third thing is ask me for a list of experts you can get help with. So I've got Steven, but I've got many others as well that might be at your price bracket. You can get all the links in the show notes or Paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode number 328 or on the app you're listening to now. I recommend the PocketCasts app. Please follow me on LinkedIn. If you know someone interested in high converting sales pages, please share this with them, be a sales superstar to your network, they will love you for it. Please take action to accelerate your sales.




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