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Welcome to my exclusive Partner Program.

I am a high performing mentor. I help service-based business owners to build profitable and sustainable business by systemising their sales and operations.

I have developed a program called Accelerate which covers three pillars to freedom:

  • Unpacking the foundations
  • Sales focus
  • High performing team

I work in a 12 week sprint to get immediate results while building the profit machine to give choices:

  • Scale a business with the help of others
  • Have someone run the business for them
  • Exit the business

This mentoring program is based on my 27 years of experience, 18 as a senior executive at Coca-Cola and 9 running my own businesses.

The Coca-Cola system is one of the largest franchisor/franchisee partnerships in the world.

I have successfully exited a business and I have mentored 271 business owners to achieve freedom for them.


Someone who is working to help service based business owners to grow their business through their specific skill set – be it marketing, outsourcing, technology or leadership development and realise their client needs help in two specific areas:
– Sales
– Operations

They want he best outcome for their client and appreciate the value of these two areas.



If you believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and strong partnerships is the best way to deliver the optimum result for your clients, you will greatly benefit from our partnership.

You will have the satisfaction of seeing your client succeed, gain knowledge of how you could improve your sales and operational systems and gain a direct benefit – be it financial or through custom experiences.

My partners have an experience like no other.


When clients join Accelerate, they get a 12 weeks program to build their sales machine and high

performing team to build a profitable and sustainable business.

I have created three pillars and let me explain each now.

Pillar One: Unpacking the foundations

There are 15 parts under the three pillars. We start by diagnosing what the client has and what they need. This forms the prioritises for for the next 12 weeks. We also look at the how we can save time to implement the actions needed. We bring on or improve the existing performance of a Virtual Assistant and compliment this with a personal technology stack.

Pillar Two: Sales Focus

We build the sales system piece by piece (see below) tapping into my 18 years experience at Coca-Cola – arguably one of the best sales companies in the world. This is rounded out by my 9 years of experience building sales systems for service based businesses.

Pillar Three: High Performing team

The bottleneck to successful business growth in many cases is the owner. They run out of capacity and capability. We add both internal and external team members to resolve this. We put the systems in place to bring more freedom with more people.

Accelerate Mentoring Program
working in the following way


Onboarding – My team does a VIP onboarding experience with the client. They are set up in their private project platform and added to the technology platforms core to running the 12-week sprint.


Diagnostic call – The client will pre-populate the diagnostic form which cover detailed questions relating to the 3 pillars and 15 parts to the program. We will then prioritise the gaps to work on over the next 12 weeks.


How we work – We cover expectations, what success looks like, roles and responsibilities in the weekly calls.We cover expectations, what success looks like, roles and responsibilities in the weekly calls.

blankWeekly Calls – There will be an hour weekly zoom call covering the wins from last week, the tasks due, and the new activities allocated. This is a high energy practical call. The theory is given in the project platform.


Completion call – We review progress to the targets and set up the next steps.


You have identified your clients who need help in sales and operations to achieve their goals. You know this is complimentary
to what you do for them and want them to be successful.

I will make it as simple as possible for you to introduce them to me as a potential option for them.

I have put together four steps your clients will go through to see if I can add value. We make it a very professional
experience which will reflect well on you and your reputation.

We believe in creating the gaps using our 3 pillar framework and give the client options on how best to close the gaps.
This is consultative selling at its best.


A FREE assessment covering the foundations of the four pillars so they can decide if there is value in learning more



A FREE on-demand masterclass covering each of the 3 pillars in more detail and giving them
an opportunity for a 45min strategy call



A discovery call where I will find more about their business and personal aspirations and
understand if we are the right fit for each other


The investment call to go through what will be achieved, how it will be done and the results expected.


There are four services we offer and when you refer clients who sign up, you will be given dollars to express my appreciation
or we can donate directly to a charity you nominate.

If you have no charity, we can donate to The Purple House – our supported charity.


This Is What My Clients Say About Me…

Paul has shown me how to build a super-star team that’s removed me from client delivery. I’ve since replicated those principles and systems with amazing results. We’ve grown our team from 27 staff to 40, we’ve experienced a 30% gross profit growth during COVID and I’ve finally managed to remove myself so I can focus on more things I enjoy.”
Scott Gellatly, General Manager at itGenius
Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI posting and outreach. He’s generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Brad Farris, Business growth consultant Anchor Advisors
Paul has set me on a winning path with LinkedIn. Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the brush, earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what’s working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger is on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn. (And turn that position into sales, which is, let’s be honest, what it’s all about.)
Steven Lewis, Founder of Taleist
I connected with Paul while guesting on his podcast Build Give Live and was impressed in a number of different ways. Paul is knowledgeable about marketing – particularly when it comes to effectively leveraging LinkedIn – and eager to help out however he can. Paul has a warm, easygoing demeanor and a desire to share his own insights and the insights of his guests with the world – attributes I greatly respect and enjoy.
Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group
As a direct result from working with Paul inside his BLG Accelerate program, I can confidently say in the next 120 days, my business will be at $500,000 in run rate attributed to Paul’s contacts. Paul’s been able to connect me with other large virtual agencies 4x bigger than mine. I need to know people who know this stuff, this is very valuable
Matt Yahes, CEO of Extend Your Team
Since working with Paul in his BLG Sales Machine, I have seen tremendous growth in my number of leads from Linkedin. Paul’s program equips me with the right knowledge and skills about Linkedin marketing and I get to work with other amazing business owners in the program.  Paul is a genuine and authentic entrepreneur. He cares about my happiness and success over profits. I highly recommend Paul as your business mentor if you are looking to grow leads for your business.
Linh Podetti, Director of Outsourcing Angel
Paul is a great guy who is super passionate about helping people running their own startup. He has helped me with my strategy, building my team and keeping me focused. The weekly calls are full of practical learnings which help me get the right stuff done. I highly recommend working with Paul – it has been a blast!
Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse
Paul has been a mentor to me through his BLG Accelerate program for a number of years now. During that time Bean Ninjas has doubled in revenue due to implementing Paul’s sales system, and I’ve also brought on a business partner. The support and advice from Paul around these big decisions has been invaluable.
Meryl Johnston, Founder of Bean Ninjas


What Is Your Selection Criteria For Your Partner Program?2020-09-21T22:44:30+10:00

I welcome all applications via the Partner Program Platform. You MUST complete an application form first. All applications are monitored and selected based on a strict criterion to ensure our values are aligned and we are creating long-term win-win relationships and serving the right people.

What Is The Paul Higgins Referral Partner Program?2020-09-21T22:45:44+10:00

The Paul Higgins Partner Program is a group of professional partners who help get the word out about the BLG Accelerate Mentoring Program, and together we change lives.

This program is different from an affiliate program because I take a strong stand on integrity, transparency, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and mine.

My Partners understand that in today’s competitive landscape, a sales system and high performing team is essential to building a profitable and sustainable service business.

My partners promote my services because they know that I have a results and outcome-driven system implemented in 12 weeks. Their driver is to promote the BLG Accelerate Mentoring Program to their network via blogs, email, social media and telephone conversations. In return, they receive a payment on all sales they refer to Paul Higgins Mentoring based on the table above.

As a BLG Accelerate ambassador, all Partners agree to offer support to anyone (prospects/leads) who uses their unique link to purchase the program. I care deeply about ‘our’ collective client base and want to make sure that each and every client knows they’re not just a standard referrals and instead they are part of professional experience.

All Partners must divulge that they are a Partner of Paul Higgins Mentoring and might receive financial compensation when they write about and recommend the BLG Accelerate Program.

My job is to help you craft marketing collateral that is value-driven not commission driven to show you network the value that you bring to them.

What Are You Looking For In A Referral Partner?2020-09-21T22:46:28+10:00

First and foremost, integrity and trust. I have built my entire reputation on these two values and I look for this in all my partners.

The Partner Program is perfect for businesses who work or network with service based business owners who are looking for a mentor to help them remove themselves as the bottleneck of their business growth and want to build sales and operational systems to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

How Many Referral Partners Do You Have?2020-10-30T01:17:01+11:00

I am very particular about the number of partners I work with and this is why there is a rigours application process to be clear on the wins for all three parties involved . At any one particular time I like to work with a maximum of 10 partners and make changes based on value alignment, business performance and brand reputation.

How Do You Pay Your Partner Once A Lead Pays In Full?2020-09-21T22:47:40+10:00

Payment is made either to them direct, to a charity they nominate or to our nominated charity within 24 hours of us receiving the new clients funds in out bank.

Do You Offer Additional Training To Your Referral Partners?2020-09-21T22:48:04+10:00

We do and I encourage this. I have a content-rich library of workbooks, masterclasses and training available on demand. Every partner has access to me and our partnership is based beyond transactions. It is critical that I establish a deep understanding of my partners’ business and their network so I can present training collateral such as webinars and online masterclasses tailored for different audiences with different pain points. My passion is to educate my partners so they understand why and how their network can benefit from my solution.

Do I Need To Have a Large List Or Thousands of Followers On Social Media?2020-09-21T22:48:59+10:00

NO! Each Partner has a different business model and therefore their marketing strategy is not a one size fits all. The criteria to become a Partner is NOT based on your list size or social media following when reviewing your application.

More importantly, my ultimate goal is to be aligned with my partners and for your clients to be aligned with my mentoring program that ultimately changes their life and business.”

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