Becoming an entrepreneur is rather like buying a ticket for a crazy rollercoaster. There are ups, sudden drops, and twisting curves. If you want to not just hang on, but thrive, here are some software tools to smooth the way.



Any entrepreneur can tell you of the wild ride involved in getting to where they are now. Sometimes it can feel like you’re powerless in the face of outside forces bigger than you; like absolutely no one knows what’s around the next corner.

Given this, solid ground amid the chaos is infinitely valuable: you need to find ways to create steady sources of information. It is critical to be able to measure and manage your progress in a stable, practical way.

Here is where metrics and other software come into the picture to enable good entrepreneurship.

I’ll cover some of the best examples I’ve found to highlight the value they can add to your startup.


1.Google Analytics

The mere fact that more than three quarters of the top successful businesses use GA stands as a testament to the value of this data-processing software.

GA is actually the most widely used analytics software on the Internet. Whoa!

Essentially, GA’s magic lies in allowing you to track your web traffic, including their demographics, as far as possible. This data can then be analysed to give an indication of overall business progress.

The visualisation feature enables you to see your company’s timeline through dashboards, motion charts, and scorecards, all in real-time. This effectively reflects the constant influx of information.

The core information goes through segmentation and optimization in order to be more visible, while also being easy to share and analyze.

Talk about being useful


2.Google Tag Manager

GTM is a software for tag management which lets you update or change tags and code snippets in your apps or sites, without manually changing the code itself.

Essentially, your startup has a free and simple alternative to calling in an expensive software developer for all the minor changes you make.

Aside from the financial benefit, GTM’s unique design also reduces the overall risk of program failures, hence stabilizing the whole tag-changing process.




XQual is one of the more powerful testing tools available, able to improve the quality of your software in all key areas.

Why? How?

First of all, XQual is equipped to handle several tasks at once, including risk management, campaign recording, and covering documentation.

Additionally, you can effectively control your releases, asset requirements and risks, declare specifications, run tests, campaigns, and prevent and/or eliminate program bugs.

All of this is packed into one simple, versatile, and easily affordable program, which you can effortlessly integrate into most other manual platform tests.

You can even automate many of these processes- there’s loads of value here!


Zephyr covers all the embedding needs of any startup!

This program is able to test both single and multiple performance modes, hence offering continual performance, with real-time feedback. This smoothly integrates into your overall testing system.

In fact, integrability is the primary draw of Zephyr software, although it is also very competitive on the market, because of how closely it follows the latest trends.

These numerous features ensure there’s something for everyone with this software.



If experimentation and optimization are your cup of tea, this program is going to be an invaluable asset for your team.

Basic website experiments suddenly become a piece of cake with Optimizely – you don’t really need to train staff to make this program part of the routine.

Moreover, you can personalise the program across multiple platforms and devices, to create a seamless user-experience. You can make data-driven decisions using precise calculations, easily and often, with a range of variables available to be modified.

What else could you ask for?



Marketo is the highest ranking marketing automation program available. That really does speak for itself.

Marketo really stands out for its dedication to customer value, and the fact that they are “for marketers, by marketers,” as their slogan declares.

But what can you do?

Marketo allows you to create, measure, and automate marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Marketo assigns a score to each lead according to the type and scale of activity, breaking down their willingness to make a transaction.  

With this tool, your market almost grows by itself, guided only by your wits and the capable ‘hands’ of this tool!



QAC easily becomes a staple in your business program, because it acts as a single source for all your data, while considering requirements, potential bugs, and performed tests.

Using this software has a short learning curve, meaning you can give it to your testing staff with zero previous software training needed!

Fully customisable to your development processes, QAC seamlessly integrates into your existing framework. It can detect potential threats to the stability of the system, collecting data from a wide array of sources, and easily structure partial actions into a unified whole.

This tool combines utility and simplicity to make something really amazing!



Quantcast is the first third-party advertising tool on this list, and it certainly stands out from the crowd.

This is an extremely-sophisticated platform for data intelligence extraction, and has proved to be a major insight-source for marketers.

It owes this success to the algorithms that predict the online behavior and advertising habits of the targeted customers. It picks the right customers to make that perfect sale, and sends them the right message.

These algorithms can be further customized to be even more specific, according to your preferences.

Marketing has never seemed easier!


9.Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg provides further knowledge of the people who visit and conduct observable actions on your website.

Here is an extremely user-friendly tool, with setup that can be completed in minutes. The yield, however, is results worth days and months of painful manual observation.

Once launched, it draws a “heatmap” of where people click, what they visit most, and their particular interests about products/services on your webpage. You can see what’s trending and what draws your customers, allowing you to adapt to market demand.

Additional features include the “scrollmap”, which shows how deep the visitors of your site actually go when scrolling, an overlay of clicks on your site in general, and potential sources that led people to you.

All that info, just a download away. Tempting, isn’t it?

10.Silk Central

Silk Central is unmatched in its ability to provide a detailed, rounded testing solution.

This fantastic software can efficiently manage test creation and execution, reporting, coverage, and traceability, among other tasks.

Furthermore, this software can be expanded using plug-ins, for more automated testing. It can also handle SAP testing and video capture.

Silk Central is more than capable of tackling whatever startups can pitch against it!


The Next Step

This guide starts you on your path to efficient and effective use of software to measure and manage your business processes. This list is a compilation of some of the highest-performing options, but it’s definitely worth doing further research into options which specifically suit you.

At any rate, your startup is now ready to take on the market!