Understand SEO and learn to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Our rapidly growing era of digital marketing and brisk business demands lead to constant trend changes. Methods that used to work before are constantly evolving and requires one to be more innovative in finding alternative ways to stay on top.

The good thing about trying these current methods is it’s doable, inexpensive and produces outstanding results when done correctly. One excellent example is SEO.

Nathan Wade is the CEO and founder of Marketing Juice, a digital agency specializing in helping clients from around the world to dominate in competitive industries using proven techniques and strategies. He takes us through the ways on how a business can grow rapidly just by the power of the internet.


What is SEO and why is it so important?

SEO is the process of making the best use of your industry’s search traffic organically.

Depending on your target market and assuming that SEO is a good fit for your business, you can actually outwit your competitors.

Doing the right SEO can help propel your business to greater heights, increasing attention and generate more number of visitors. But wrong moves can result to your site having minimal visibility.

In fact, you can rank your website on the first page of Google for all your industry’s most lucrative search terms or search phrases simply by reverse engineering what your competitors are doing.


Riches are in the Niches

Before venturing into the complexities of SEO, it’s always important to go back to the basics.

One of the keys to any business endeavor is knowing who your customers really are.

Who is your client?

Who are the ones you want to satisfy?

Many companies are desperate to get more traffic and drive more sales but they haven’t really niched down into a particular market. They’re so busy focusing on trying to be broad and general in order to provide service to anybody that they fail to get down and learn as much as they can about an individual.


“It’s only through deep-niching down into a particular market that we can actually quite easily design a marketing strategy that’s going to suit to your needs together with your customers.”


Narrow it down. Start by looking what the actual service you provide. “Where do your most profitable sales come from? “, “What other data can we understand about them? The more you can niche the better. Then you can decide on the best channel to use.


Should you do SEO by yourself or Outsource it?

For a small business, you have to really weigh it all up. If they’re willing to devote all the time to personally learn about SEO or bite the bait and outsource it and have an agency to perform the services for you.

A small business can get quite good results if they are willing to learn the intricate details of SEO. Diligently doing research and homework will surely reward them results but they’re never going to be able to achieve what’s possible if they take on the services of a really good agency.

When you opt to seek the help of an agency, look for someone that can show you that they’ve got skin for the game! What’s important is to ensure that what they’re offering you guarantees real time and quick results.

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Doing SEO by Yourself. How quickly will you be able to produce results?

You could do SEO by yourself as long as you have the passion and drive to actually dive deep in order to achieve your goal.

  • Start by reverse engineering your competition.
  • Pick two or three of your highest ranking competitors
  • Use programmes like SEMrush or Ahrefs to run individual audits on them.

Afterwards, you can have a clear snapshot of the essential keywords driving their main traffic that’ll also help you generate traffic.


Important questions to ask and ponder:

  • What’s the depth of their content?
  • How many various individual pages and blog post about your subject matter?
  • What are the 5 or 10 most common search phrases that people are likely to use when looking for a product or service?


Relevant Recommendations:

  • Perform a Google search, look at the results.
  • List the top three to five high ranking sites


The Secret Sauce and Breaking Old Myths regarding SEO

Before, experts say that SEO is all about user engagement, but it isn’t. At the moment, SEO is an unconventional combination of getting your content to have the perfect number of keywords without being overly optimized and still performing well from a user-engagement standpoint.

The more you can write and create great quality content, consistently producing it, using a sprinkle of various yet relevant keywords to make it nice and descriptive will totally help with your SEO. It is just a matter of having great on-page factors and correct link building.

One of the most common beliefs regarding SEO is that it needs to be slow. But it need not be when correctly done. Wade recommends a great strategy for new businesses once they’ve clearly defined who their ideal customer is and all the main data and information we know, use Google Adwords as a way of rapid-fire testing.

There’s so much misdirection around SEO, too much saturation and information overload resulting in a backslash of irrelevant data meant to further you away from the real ones.

If you want to learn and do exactly how Wade and his team do SEO, watch a five-part video series that would take you through the ins and out of how it is properly done.


Our secret to success is we test. My people are relentlessly testing out every strategy and theory that comes through. We only use on our clients the strategies that are actually proven to work.


Never be afraid to test and make sure you’re always focusing your budget on what’s working.