The Paul Higgins Partner Program is a group of professional partners who help get the word out about the BLG Accelerate Mentoring Program, and together we change lives.

This program is different from an affiliate program because I take a strong stand on integrity, transparency, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and mine.

My Partners understand that in today’s competitive landscape, a sales system and high performing team is essential to building a profitable and sustainable service business.

My partners promote my services because they know that I have a results and outcome-driven system implemented in 12 weeks. Their driver is to promote the BLG Accelerate Mentoring Program to their network via blogs, email, social media and telephone conversations. In return, they receive a payment on all sales they refer to Paul Higgins Mentoring based on the table above.

As a BLG Accelerate ambassador, all Partners agree to offer support to anyone (prospects/leads) who uses their unique link to purchase the program. I care deeply about ‘our’ collective client base and want to make sure that each and every client knows they’re not just a standard referrals and instead they are part of professional experience.

All Partners must divulge that they are a Partner of Paul Higgins Mentoring and might receive financial compensation when they write about and recommend the BLG Accelerate Program.

My job is to help you craft marketing collateral that is value-driven not commission driven to show you network the value that you bring to them.