Do I Need To Have a Large List Or Thousands of Followers On Social Media?

NO! Each Partner has a different business model and therefore their marketing strategy is not a one size fits all. The criteria to become a Partner is NOT based on your list size or social media following when reviewing your application. More importantly, my ultimate goal is to be aligned with my partners and for

Do You Offer Additional Training To Your Referral Partners?

We do and I encourage this. I have a content-rich library of workbooks, masterclasses and training available on demand. Every partner has access to me and our partnership is based beyond transactions. It is critical that I establish a deep understanding of my partners’ business and their network so I can present training collateral such

How Many Referral Partners Do You Have?

I am very particular about the number of partners I work with and this is why there is a rigours application process to be clear on the wins for all three parties involved . At any one particular time I like to work with a maximum of 10 parts and make changes based on value

What Are You Looking For In A Referral Partner?

First and foremost, integrity and trust. I have built my entire reputation on these two values and I look for this in all my partners. The Partner Program is perfect for businesses who work or network with service based business owners who are looking for a mentor to help them remove themselves as the bottleneck

What Is The Paul Higgins Referral Partner Program?

The Paul Higgins Partner Program is a group of professional partners who help get the word out about the BLG Accelerate Mentoring Program, and together we change lives. This program is different from an affiliate program because I take a strong stand on integrity, transparency, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and mine.

What Is Your Selection Criteria For Your Partner Program?

I welcome all applications via the Partner Program Platform. You MUST complete an application form first. All applications are monitored and selected based on a strict criterion to ensure our values are aligned and we are creating long-term win-win relationships and serving the right people.

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