Sales Mindset

Don’t beat yourself up because you have no sales training or experience

Unleash your inner salesperson with these mindset hacks You’ve got to sell to be successful, right? I mean, whatever your product or service, unless you can sell it, then success will elude you. But selling scares the hell out of you. You aren’t trained in sales, and you have no experience of selling. Well, let

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Quit Your Corporate Career

In 2011, I said goodbye to both the stress and stability of my 9-to-5 when I quit my corporate career of 18 years. Inspired by the freedom and excitement of the entrepreneur lifestyle and truly needing a change for my personal wellbeing, I was ready to jump right into starting my own business. However, I

Taking Full Responsibility of Your Outcomes with James Schramko

How to gain full control and take destiny in your own hands James Schramko is the founder of SuperFastBusiness, a business resource designed to help online business owners make more while working less. He started online while working as a General Manager with Mercedes-Benz by day and an Online marketer by night. Once he discovered

Successful Startups: How to Be a Great Founder with Constantine Georgiou

Want to build a successful startup? Startup mentor and investor Constantine Georgiou shares what it really takes.     After 18 years in the corporate world with companies like NCR and Dimension Data, Constantine “Con” Georgiou found that corporate life wasn’t really right for him.   During a lengthy process, something that he remembers was

The Fear Of Having To Go Back To Corporate and How To Avoid It

Far and wide across the global economy, more and more professionals are giving up the corporate life to take a chance on creative and professional freedom – they are becoming entrepreneurs. Many of these men and women share similar stories of days, months, and even years spent asking themselves the same familiar questions: “How did

How to Build A Life And A Business Around Your Passion

Feeling stuck in a corporate desk job with nowhere to go? Feeling overworked with no way out? Longing for a job that lets you do what you want? Have you thought about leaving your career to pursue your passion? We know, it sounds crazy. Crazy as it sounds, however, it’s been done many times before,

How Paul Benson Found Opportunity During the Global Financial Crisis

Paul Benson took over a financial planning company during the toughest economic time in the world! Learn how Paul’s company grew through the GFC and continues to grow today.     After 16 years with the CBA, Paul Benson decided to take on his own venture in 2006. With 7 years of corporate financial planning

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