Build a “High-Performing” Team

How to Find and Work with the Right Suppliers

If you’re gaining some traction in your small services business, you might be wondering how to find suppliers to help you get the job done! We’ve got a list of ideas to help you with that. In the BLG community, you’ll find different types of business owners across varying industries. Needless to say, their suppliers

How to Find the 4 Best Partners for Your Business

Everyone could use a helping hand sometimes, whether you’re just setting up your business or you’re reasonably well-established.   We’re here to outline the 4 key business partners you should have to vitally grow your business.   You can feel it - your business is getting ready to take on the big leagues and it’s

Why Is It Important to Develop Your Employees?

Looking for a solid way to move your business forward? Develop your employees. They are the foundation of your business health and long-term growth. When thinking about your business, thinking long-term is always to your benefit. This includes investing in your people. While it’s common sense to invest in your people, it’s easy to ignore this

Project Management and Why It’s So Important

Are you curious about what it takes to exercise successful project management within your team or company? Do you wish your company’s projects and assignments were completed at a faster, more efficient rate? Turns out that, as a manager or leader of your company, trying to pile too much on your plate at one time

11 Powerful Tools to Skyrocket Your Online Business Productivity

Wondering if you have the right tools for running a successful online business? Keep reading to find out! A somewhat scary fact is that around 50% of small businesses in the U.S. break down due to the lack of productivity and efficiency in the first four years. We don’t want that to happen to you,

9 Powerful Productivity Hacks

Have you ever felt like you could do everything you needed to, if only you had time? Or maybe, you always feel like time slips away from you? Worry no longer, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of best productivity hacks available out there to boost your productive output!   1. Tomato Technique The

Productivity Hack- One time-saving tip every small business owner should know

  Have you ever got into trouble because you forgot to do something you're supposed to do? It's such an inconvenience when we forget something crucial only to realize the bad repercussions at the end. A Common Challenge For Business Owners Ever had troubles posting on your facebook group everyday, from Monday to Friday, about

Staff development- How to develop your number one asset

Caitlin Ferreira “Your employees are your most valuable asset, but you have to be proactive to find and unleash the hidden power inherent in your organization.” - Steven Goldstein Let’s face it, in a small business, you’re only as good as your employees. Their triumphs are your triumphs and their failures are your failures. As

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