If You Want to Sell, Learn to Challenge Your Customer

Don’t discount, influence We’re living in uncertain times. Making sales is harder because your customers just don’t know what’s coming next. So how do you keep revenue rolling in, and is it possible to increase your sales despite all that’s going on around us?  The answer is to challenge your customers. Disrupt them and make

Ten Outstanding Ways to Boost Your Business’s Sales

    So you left your corporate job, but you’ve got a family to feed. What did you do? You started your own business venture. Now that you have it up and running, however, you’re dealing with one problem: generating more sales. What can you do?     That’s a broad question. Broad, yes, but

How Scott Gellatly Scaled His Own Empire

When Scott Gellatly realized how small of an impact he was making with his corporate career, he decided to leave his job to pursue life on his own terms. The idea for Scale My Empire was quickly conceived, and the impact he began to make far exceeded his expectations. This is Scott Gellatly’s story! When

Delegation: When to Let Go

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you sometimes find it difficult to delegate. However, learning to let go of certain tasks can actually increase your profits, make your business more productive, and, at the same time, improve your work-life balance. Here we take a look at when and how to delegate effectively. Why

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