Best Sales Techniques

6 Steps to Success: How To Make 20K A Month in Revenue

Struggling to get your monthly cash flow up? Here’s how to make 20K a month in your small business.   You escaped your corporate job, followed your passion, and set up your own business, because you dream of supporting your lifestyle with work that makes you happy. The only question now is... How to get

Pricing and Market Shifts

The market shifted. All of a sudden, my profit margin started becoming narrower and narrower.   The total amount I paid my team, and the price we charge our clients ratio soured. Price analysis is something that most small businesses fail to do correctly. Here are my tips. One of the crucial lessons I’ve learned

How to Maximise Profits by Knowing Your Numbers

Is bookkeeping a priority for you? Learn how your numbers can work for you and generate profit.   Why Should I Care About Accounting? Bookkeeping isn’t only a necessary part of any business, but also a crucial component in profit maximisation. While it may be tempting to not focus on this area, it is exactly

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