I went from running a fully-functional team in corporate to doing it all myself.

Most of my workdays consisted of working 16+hours and always feeling like I was out of control. I needed to find help, but I had no money!

Wherever I looked, I found people wanting to get paid more than even I was earning.

So, I decided to create my own solution. See, I was consulting for Bain and their global outsourcing expert recommended I look into the Philippines.

The Philippines have three major advantages when it comes to outsourcing: English, brilliant customer service, and a good education system.

I use my virtual team now for most parts of my business.

From my experience, there are 3 key elements to managing a virtual team: people, process, and platform.

Not until I separated the idea creation (me) from the implementation (my virtual team) did I realize the true potential of outsourcing.

Getting the system set up wasn’t easy, but it saved us a staggering amount of time and cash.

With the company running like clockwork, my only goal now is to provide a community for all those who wish to leave the safety of their career to start their dream business.

Join us, and forego the trial and error.

You’ll never regret building something you own!