Are you curious about what it takes to exercise successful project management within your team or company?

Do you wish your company’s projects and assignments were completed at a faster, more efficient rate?

Turns out that, as a manager or leader of your company, trying to pile too much on your plate at one time can be disastrous.

Why not hire an assistant?

Or, promote one of your current employees to the position of project manager?

Successful project management can be hugely beneficial to your company; projects, after all, are the core of a business’s activities.

With that being said…

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What is Project Management?

Project management might not be a straightforward activity, but it can be loosely defined as delegating something to someone to achieve a goal for the benefit of that person, the company, or a group of people.

Successful project management doesn’t involve intervening in the project’s processes. Rather, it involves coordinating the project using a hands-off approach.

Often times project management involves delegating tasks that require achieving an outcome within a certain budget or within a certain time limit.

Care should be taken to plan, coordinate, and triple-check that the project is successfully carried out to company standards.

For example, let’s say that your company is rolling out a new product this month, one that’s completely unheard of.

Project management involves things like coordinating suppliers, making sure any websites or Facebook campaigns are on time and within the budget, and making sure that the new product makes its way to the right hands in order to be approved.

Now, it might seem like you, as a manager or company leader, can easily carry out the responsibilities of project management.

If your team has less than five members, this might be true.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of us don’t have such small teams. In large, well-established companies it can pay to have an individual on your team who is solely responsible for supervising project management.

Such individuals ensure that things go as planned, and that time isn’t wasted.

This individual is known as a project manager.

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What Does a Project Manager Do?

More importantly, where does he/she fit into your team?

A project manager serves as the liaison between you and your team when it comes to successfully carrying out projects.

It’s a specialist role; project managers do things like putting together a suitable team, organizing and leading said team, and ensuring every aspect of the project is carried out successfully.

Additionally, project managers are also responsible for understanding and preparing for any outcomes (positive or negative) that may affect the project’s ability to be completed.

He/she goes directly to you if there are any questions; after all, they’re responsible for ensuring the project is delivered to you within your budget and timeline!

Here are five surefire secrets that can help both you and anyone you consider a project manager delegate and coordinate a successful project:

1.Make sure that you and your project manager are on the same page. Understand that you’re ultimately responsible for any issues that occur throughout the course of the project.

2. You know what you want to be completed; don’t make it too confusing for your project manager!

While he/she might be an expert at communicating your project’s needs to the rest of your team, if your vision for the project isn’t clear to begin with negative results are inevitable.

3. Clear and regular communication is an important part of successful project management.

You need to be on the same page as your project manager at all times.

Make sure they know to communicate any questions or issues they’re having with the project to you.

Holding back questions can only lead to mistakes or miscommunications.

4. Project management can’t happen if every team member involved with the project doesn’t know what their role in the process is.

Ensuring all of your team members are on the same page ensures, in turn, the success of your project.

Team collaboration is critical when a project is carried out; it leads to a larger pool of ideas and increased creativity within the team.

5. Successful change is an important part of good project management.

Specifically speaking, we’re talking about being able to manage change within your company based on a project that’s being carried out.

This is, of course, a project manager’s responsibility; management of successful change is critical to the success of a project.

What if, for example, you assigned a project that required the use of a different method of data scraping than your team is used to – one that’s not as well known to members of your team?

It’s a project manager’s responsibility to supervise adaption to new methods and ensure that everything new is learned successfully.

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Project Management Tools

As you’ve probably deduced by now, successful project management largely boils down to the project manager.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use software or online tools to help your team out along the way!

While there are plenty of excellent business tools on the market, some are dedicated solely to increasing the efficiency of your team’s efforts.

Check out these three examples of excellent project management tools:

  • ASANA: ASANA is a tool that’s used to keep everyone on the same page within your team.

You can plot out step-by-step guidelines for your project’s completion and you can track individual progress within your team.

ASANA is used by well-established companies such as Allstate, Deloitte, and NASA.

  • WRIKE: Similar to ASANA, WRIKE allows teams to be organized wherever they are. WRIKE provides project management tools for teams that ensure everyone is on the same page, at any given time.

It’s perfect for project managers!

  • MAVENLINK: MAVENLINK is as much a general management tool as it is a project management tool. You have the ability to connect team members, collaborate on projects, and monitor your business’s profits.

All of this can be done from a smartphone or tablet.

MAVENLINK is perfect for company managers who want to be on the same page as their project managers (which should be everyone).


Picking A Suitable Project Manager

While it may seem ideal to hire a project manager from an outside source, the truth is that this is quite an expensive option for your company.

Instead, try to promote and train from within your company, try and outsource the management of your project, or look to a project management agency for assistance.

Promoting from within your company can be quite beneficial. Your prospective manager will already know you and the company quite well, and they’ll probably have a grasp on what style of projects your company traditionally carries out.

Ideally, look for someone who’s highly motivated, organized and task oriented, not afraid of change, and a great communicator.

There’s a lot to know about successfully promoting your employees to positions of higher power within your company.

When done correctly, however, the benefits are substantial.

Outsourcing, however, can also be a great way to find a great project manager. The catch is that this can only be a temporary measure.

If your company doesn’t need constant rollouts of projects and only needs projects completed on a monthly basis, for instance, outsourcing is a great option.

It’s cheap and plenty of freelance companies exist that contain quality individuals more than willing to manage your project.

But, if you’re constantly chugging out projects and dealing with various and numerous teams on a daily basis, then you’re better off with someone in-house. They’ll be more readily available to handle problems or changes immediately than a VA, for example.

Finally, specialized project management agencies can help your company carry out its projects and ideas.

These agencies provide individuals who can help you define your idea, bring it to fruition, and organize the suppliers and resources necessary to make said idea happen.

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Final Thoughts

Successful project management can be the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one.

As such, it’s an important element of your company’s operations, one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Dedicate someone to lead your team.

Provide them with a clear-cut view of your budget, your suppliers, and the timeline.

Give them the training, authority, and trust to lead your teams and watch the magic happen.


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