Want to improve your life and business results? Entrepreneur Conrad Francis shares how he transformed his external circumstances by looking inward.

Do you feel stuck in your business? Like you’ve arrived at an impasse – you can see the other side but, for some reason, you just can’t cross over to the success you’re looking for?

Like many, Conrad Francis found himself in the same position. Here’s how he built his thriving company Inspired Money by aligning his personal core values with his business principles.


Internal Management


Values and Beliefs

It’s clear that Conrad Francis’ “take off” in his business was in direct proportion to how much he understood and honed his values.

When transitioning from corporate, Conrad had difficulty taking on the reins.

It wasn’t until he understood what his priorities were in life and in business that he began to more easily see the opportunities that were most relevant to him.

In the battle between needs vs wants, we tend to easily see what we want to see. The tricky part is making ourselves see what it is that we need to see.

For instance, investing in your kids may be much more valuable to you than advancing at your job. Maybe you’d rather live a life of experiences than just pile up a bunch of money in the savings account.

As long as your needs and wants are clear and belong to you then you’re more likely to act on a clear and harmonious goal.

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Get clear on goals and priorities

You’ve probably heard this a gazillion times already – you need to have clear goals.

We know this but sometimes the voices in our head (that, ironically, are not always our own) are louder than that gut feeling we’ve been ignoring.

Can you relate?

If you’re nodding, then you’re not alone.

Your values and beliefs sometimes tend to reflect what society, your parents, and your spouse would expect from you. So, trusting that gut feeling can sometimes be the hardest thing we do.

Trusting that gut feeling can sometimes be the hardest thing you do, and also the most important.

Conrad suggests:

  1. Revisit your values and priorities as often as necessary.
  2. Then get into a partnership with the people around you—you’d be surprised at how much they want to help you when you decide who you want to be.

So, share your goals with your spouse, your team, with the people close to you. The clearer your goals, the more seriously they’ll take you!
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The hard work will constantly change over time but accept that being true to yourself and bringing to fruition your innovation is just not going to be easy—it will, however, be worth it. Identify the hard work at every turn and become a master of it.

Live congruently

There were a couple of times in Conrad’s striving to remain an independent entrepreneur that he contemplated going back to the corporate world.

After a business partnership went sour, Conrad found himself with practically nothing. It was a good client and friend that encouraged him to keep going with pursuing his passion.

The greatest lesson Conrad learned with that whole experience was to “be congruent with who you are and why you do what you’re doing.”

A lack of congruence between who we want to be, and how we spend our time and energy each day, can cause a lot of pain and frustration.

Conrad admits that In the beginning of his entrepreneur journey he didn’t value himself very well – he always took a subordinate business role, assuming that his lack of a degree or experience made others more equipped to make decisions than he.

Because of this, Conrad recognized in looking back that he wouldn’t have made some of the decisions that were made.

“Believe in yourself and have a better relationship with yourself,” advises Conrad.

Trust that making decisions which are congruent with who you are will produce a harmonious and wholesome business 100% of the time.

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Change Your External World


Find Supportive Partners and Create a Positive Environment

Remember those goals you shared with the people closest to you? This will pretty soon create an environment of winning and positive perspectives. It’ll also become a safe haven for you to bounce ideas around, to brainstorm, and to express the creativity portion of the business.

“I’m blessed to have people around me that encourage me.”

Conrad has all manner of people from different walks of life surrounding him. In his environment, he can find companionship, mentorship, strategic partners, and a healthy level of challenge and competition.

You want a fair bit of everything—this will support not only your business but also your own work ethic, morale, and spontaneity.

Take action: Join an online community of like-minded and supportive business owners. There are many benefits of joining an online membership group like BLG Boost.  


Daily Habits and Behaviors

Conrad is also driven by his daily habits. Once you’ve established your goals, it’s crucial to take the next step.

If you stay too long on the goal setting stage without doing anything, your goals will soon become dreams which will then become wishes. Make sure you take actionable steps along the way to encourage and motivate you to keep going.

For Conrad, starting the day off right sets up the rest of his day. His morning routine consists of meditation or prayer, journaling, and then some form of physical activity, usually the gym.

His behavior is particularly important to him as it’ll set up the right focus for reaching his goals.

With a full day of work and then coaching basketball, Conrad starts his days at the early hour of 5 am. Actively engaging in every aspect of his day allows Conrad to become the person that’ll reach his goals.

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Tracking Goals

In taking those steps, you can now track your behavior! Sounds a little intimidating…

But, when your business has a hole in the system or there’s a lack of synchronicity in your team’s work ethic, you can easily go back and find where you might have dropped the ball.

Conrad, for instance, uses the brain activity app called Muse for gamified tracking of his meditation! Much like a heart rate monitor, this headband can monitor your brain activity so that you can track information about your general state.

“Everything you do, you should be able to track. And, everything you track, you should be able to manage and then improve.”

This may not be so easy in the beginning, particularly where that internal game is concerned, but this is where Conrad’s journaling comes in handy. That in itself is a form of tracking and its positive effects always spill over into his business.


Take Action with Your Passion

“I enable people to be the best version of themselves.” – Conrad Francis

As a financial planner, this “elevator pitch” doesn’t sound so self-evident—definitely not exactly what you’d expect, right?

However when you’re operating from a place of self-congruency and integrity, the truth will sound authentic no matter how unexpected.

Through conversation, mentorship, coaching and his business overall, Conrad teaches that money is an outcome—it’s not a core situation or circumstance to try and achieve.

Coaching around money is behavioral, mental, situational, even emotional. Conrad helps people transcend their current state to help them be who they really are.

And, can you tell he’s passionate? He loves what he does and he believes if you’re in business for yourself, you’ve got to love what you do.

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What might surprise you is that Conrad is also a championship-winning basketball coach.

He tells the kids he coaches all of the time that they have to be the ones to drive their opportunity.

“If you’re not waking your parents up to get you to practice—if they have to be the ones to do it—you don’t want it enough. So, don’t waste your time and their money!”

Are you up before everyone trying to pursue your dreams?

After everything else, there’s action. Don’t let your internal innovation stop there-let it shine through. But, to do that you have to apply your core values.

“Not enough people take action.”

Your action is a testament to your belief. If you truly know you can do it and understand what needs to get done, then you’ll be itching to move.

“Take action then take great action.”

For Conrad Francis, your external game reflects your inner innovation. Keep working on yourself and keep taking action. You’ll soon live the life of a champion – whatever that means for you.

Listen to our podcast interview with Conrad Francis here.


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