More time is the greatest asset for busy owners, however, where do you find the time to get more time!

We at Build Live Give have done the hard work by testing and listing the tools which will save you time.

Please take 2min to read through the list, find one you like and implement it. The time invested will be more than recovered over the course of next 3 months.

  1. Time buddy = See multiple time zones all on the one screen when setting up meetings
  2. Lastpass = Password manager so you don’t waste time looking for passwords or get hacked using the one password!
  3. Downcast = Listen to podcasts at multiple speeds and create your own playlists
  4. Text expander = text replacement to save time typing
  5. Writing pad = quick notes and no need to look for a piece of paper
  6. Say it mail it = Voice tasks to your team so you don’t have to type
  7. Reflector 2 = Mirror mobile device on desktop. Great for recording online training and videos.

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